Sunday, October 16, 2011

Be Easy- It's Going Well

Hey guys, do you remember Be Easy from last summer? We loved them the first time, and we're loving them the second. Make all the jokes you want about that statement. Georgia pop punk, you'll love it. Promise. Released on October 1st. :)
The four track EP isn't even 10 minutes long, but every second counts with a band like this. It's very catchy, addictive, etc. It's one of those albums that just gets you pumped up. 
The "Intro" (these boys seem to like intros a lot) is awesome. It does a pretty nice showcase of all the different sounds. My first thought was "Damn, the drums on this track. Damn." but then I was like "Wait. is this a guitar thing? This sounds like a guitar thing." The bass pulls the entire thing together very nicely with the backbeat.
In the next track, "Routine," we get introduced to the last player of the game- John's voice. It's a very fast, driven song with all the appropriate qualities of pop punk. We have the power chords, the 'woah-ohs', the fun lyrics. What else do you need?
"Stay What You Are" is the best song on the EP. I want to show it to every angsty teen in the world and say "You're welcome." Enough said.
Last but not least, "Selflessness" follows the trend of the other three songs... Awesome. The beat is really easy to get into, and it wraps everything up nicely.

Check out the new Be Easy EP on Bandcamp.
Also, here is their facebook and our facebook.


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