Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Static Age- In The City Of Wandering Lights

The Static Age (Chicago, IL) is a powerful blend of punk and 90s alternative. It's a unique mix of smooth vocals, weaving guitar melodies, and a strong backbone from the bass and drums. This album was released on April 19th of this year.
First off, can I rant about this album art? It's beautiful. Whoever the artist is has EXTREME talent. Love it. But about the music- the first track, "Wires" got me hooked. I love Andrew Paley's voice tons, and the music is all really well thought out and talented. "Returning" is a very mellow song with awesome guitar melodies and harmonies. It's the kind of song you can listen to a million times and pick up something new each time. "One City" is a little different from the first two, because it's very bass heavy. Not that I'm complaining- I have a soft spot for the bass. I play the bass, personally, so whenever I hear a really great bass line, my heart does this. It softens out towards the end, with a refrain of "This is how we get free" and I love it. Great track.
The last track, "Down To Your Canyons" is a longer track, and almost a ballad. It's extremely soft and shows great understanding of dynamics (I love when I get to talk about theory in reviews!!). The music is really interesting and has a lot of variance. Andrew does most of the instrumentals on this track and he does a great job.
"I Heard About You" is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It's extremely addictive and the lyrics are absolutely wonderful. Annie Coleman also does some backup vocals on this track! :) Adam Meilleur is also one of my new favorite bassists. Just throwing that out there. "Patience" has a different sound. It's got some abstract harmonies in it and the intro reminds me of David Bowie making love to Billy Idol. What else do you need in a song?
"Wandering Lights" is another one of those amazing lyrical songs. Love it. And last but not least, "Come Swimming" is a little more upbeat than the rest of the album. It's a fabulous song with a really catchy guitar line and I dance in my chair a little bit when it's on. :)

Note: Although I like to review on "Shuffle," I always start off with the album in perfect order.... And I recommend you do the same. This album has some AWESOME transitions. :)


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