Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shuteye Unison- Our Future Selves

Shuteye Unison is one of my favorite west coast bands. Their first album was badass, and this record has not let me down. Daniel Mckenzie, Jon Fee, Jake Krohn, and Remco Vanderheide worked incredibly hard to make this album happen and released it on April 12th of this year through Parks and Records. RIYL: Autolux, Sonic Youth, and Silversun Pickups.
Our Future Selves is a very, very interesting record. I think that's why I like it so much. Even though I can recommend it towards similar bands, it honestly doesn't sound like ANYTHING else. It's really hard to be this original and not sound like a.) shit b.) assholes c.) all of the above. But these boys manage to do it. It's a very light, mellow, and slow record.
It makes me feel like I am on drugs. The sound is very thought provoking and honestly makes me think of euphony. I reserve the term "euphony" for the most extreme cases, you guys.
Let's start off with the first track: "Be Kimball." The intro is badass. It gets you pumped. It's catchy, it's rough, and it makes you excited to hear what's next. It goes into a very interesting melody: they put a soothing and relaxed vocal melody along side jagged, powerful instrumentals. I love it.
"Portable Rome" is shorter than "Be Kimball" but I really think it has more to it. It's got more going on.
I'm just gonna talk about a few of my favorite songs:
"Century M" has a beautiful riff. It makes me think of sunshine. (Yes, I said sunshine.)
"Better Highway Vision" is probably the most entertaining and abstract song on the album. All the instruments work together perfectly on this track.
"Our Future Selves" easily has the coolest lyrics ever.
What a great album.

I strongly recommend you check them out!


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