Monday, October 17, 2011

These Branches - The Payoff

We reviewed an EP by this band These Branches not too long ago, and now they're back with a followup release that will blow you out of the water (unless you're not currently in the water). Seriously, it's a really great 7" with four really great songs that I'm fairly certain you'll dig just as much as I do. Without further ado, my review of the new 7" by These Branches, 'The Payoff' (Kat Kat Records).

Like I mentioned in the previous review, I'm pretty sure these guys listen to a lot of Latterman. However, I need to slightly reevaluate this statement for this release because the influence is far less overbearing. Before it was kind of like the way High School Football Heroes sounded like Less Than Jake, and now it's more like the way Bomb the Music Industry sound like Weezer. I mean, if you understand the comparisons there at least. I don't just take it for granted that you guys listen to those bands, so I guess it won't work for everyone. OH! I can do one for video gamers! The previous release was similar to Latterman in the way that Saints Row is similar to Grand Theft Auto. But the new one is similar to Latterman in the way that Half-Life 2 is similar to Doom. There we go! These Branches are their own damn band and they make their own damn music. What the hell was I on about back there?

I've listened to the 'This One's On You" release probably around 30-40 times since I reviewed it, and I still think it's a solid release. But really, 'The Payoff' shows a shit ton of progression. The songs are better constructed and feel more chiseled and deliberate than the ones on the prior release, and it's definitely a sign that These Branches are on a roller coaster than functions only by going uphill the entire time. I know, it sounds pretty boring and inconvenient when applied to roller coasters, but it's awesome when it comes to bands and the music they put out. With how rad and infectious the songs on 'The Payoff' are, and the fact that they're more rad and infectious than the ones on 'This One's On You', I am only led to believe that the next release will be nothing short of awesome.

If you like pop punk as much as you do indie, and if you like scratchy vocals as much as you like the singing talent to back it up, chances are you'll really get into These Branches. If not, then you might be some sort of alien life form. Which is fine and all, I'm not racist...or worldist...or whatever the terminology would be. I think all beings deserve to be created as equals or whatever. Except for wasps. Fuck wasps. They're just evil. I'm sure you've all seen the proof of this:

So yeah, These Branches are an awesome pop-punk-ish rock band that have done nothing but put out awesome songs and wasps have done nothing but fuck shit up. And I've done nothing but annoy the shit out of you. Don't let that stop you from checking these guys out though! 'The Payoff' is due out October 30th on Kat Kat Records! Save the date! They have a song from the album streaming online! You can also listen to their previous release 'This One's On You' over on their bandcamp page, and I definitely recommend you do so! Live long and eat pizza.


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