Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Be Easy- Summer Jams!

Okay, so Be Easy is this punk band from Georgia... And they're awesome! When I talked to Dustin, the drummer, he told me that they really play just to have a good time, and you can tell when they really do! They're fun, and they have hilariously awesome lyrics. It's very simple, very enjoyable. The EP is 8 minutes of awesome. Also, they have won my award for best fucking album artwork ever. It's so full of awesome. Look!
The first track is just a short intro, very appropriately named "Intro." It's hilarious. Listen to the words. These guys are adorable- you know, punx adorable and all. "The Skate Life" is actually a really great song- they have a very simple sound, but sometimes more is less (hell, listen to half of the greats) they have lyrics that are pretty straight to the point and fun- it's something we can all connect to. They don't try to be philosophical or overly deep like some bands- they're to the point and have fun with their words. Also, the guitar is really catchy. I'm dancing a bit on my bed. Only complaint is that makes it a little hard to type... Whatever. I like these guys because they're going after their dreams with nothing fake about it- they're not trying to pretend at all with their music; it's awesome. "The Work Life" is something most of us can connect to... Work is a bummer, they're totally right. Oh, and the woah-oh-ohs make me happy. Number of woah-ohs and number of awesome points are directly related. "Neighborhood Kids" has a little more variation than the other songs, and I appreciate it. It keeps the same sound, but they switch it up a little bit. John has a great voice- it's fun.
"W.F.K" is just as fantastic as the rest of the album.

This is a short review cause it's a short EP- but I really enjoy it. 
The best thing about this band is the fact that they definitely have fun. They're a pretty straight forward normal punk band- but they really really love the music that they play and I do too. It's talented, it's fun, and they have awesome album covers. 
You can download this album here and contact them here.

Also, just a side note... It'd be really awesome if Be Easy ever played a show up here in Ohio or Kentucky with Idle's band... Maybe they should look into that ;) (hint, hint.)
This album is about a 4/5 for me... In other words, you should listen to it.

-The queen of all bears... Just kidding. Only a bear.