Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Army Coach - Daydream

There are a few good things about writing for Idle and the Bear. The most obvious good thing is that by writing for Idle and the Bear, you're clearly either Ben Idle or Hannah-Willow. The benefit of being either of those two people, if that they're both awesome. Ben Idle has stepped into third person for some reason, but I'll switch back to first person in the middle of a sentence. That's another benefit of writing for IATB right there! We can use shitty grammar, and switch between perspectives and tenses and formal and informal. It's just how we roll, dudes.

Another more relevant benefit of writing for IATB is that we get to rant about how awesome some awesome shit is. I mean, Tom from Team Stray has this band Army Coach that he's been with for a little while now, and they're awesome! They have this Daydream EP out and it's quite awesome! Seriously, I have such a dynamic vocabulary. All I ever do is cuss and say awesome. It's probably good that people don't actually pay much attention to these reviews, so much as they just stumble upon us while looking for some sort of mediafire download of whatever album we're reviewing. We don't post that, sorry. ;)

Army Coach's Daydream EP is kind of like if there were a Back to the Future remake made in the year 2024. This too-cool-for-school teenager of the future will go back and time and get into all these shenanigans while trying to make sure history unfolds as it should, and ends up having to perform with a band at some school prom type thing. He would most likely belt out some Army Coach tunes and be credited with creating the perfect blend of pop punk and indie that this world has ever seen. I don't know, something like that. Honestly, that'll probably just be how shit goes down in the future. It won't be a movie, just normal life for time travelling teens of the future. Just kidding, the human race won't make it to 2024. Duh.

This EP is three complete songs and three demo version of what are I assume are songs to be released on a future record. The cool part about these six songs is that they're all fucking great. I've been a fan of Tom's previous band Team Stray for a few years now, and I'm completely in love with how catchy the songs are, how clever the lyrics can be, and how fun the music is overall. All of these aspects are definitely characteristics that Army Coach boast as well. It's just in time too; I can't be the only one who was about to die from lack of Tom Stray material. It has to be a common issue. Well, you've been sated my friends.

You should check them out on tumblr! There's like a song up on that thing and whatnot. They're playing Insubordination Fest like next week or whatever too! So if you're going to that thing, make sure you don't miss these guys! And if you live in Cincinnati, you have no excuse not to see them play. 4 out of 5 pizzas! Whatever that means.


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