Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Regime- New album

Did you guys all hear The Regime's great Twenty Ten EP last July? No? Okay, go. Better? Good. Wasn't it great? The Regime is a powerful punk band from San Diego composed of three badass guys named Kenny, Ricky, and Todd. They're releasing their (as far as I know, still untitled) new album tomorrow, actually! How exciting is that? I'll just call it the Twenty Eleven album. RIYL Fugazi.
The first song on the album is a great way to start us of- "Dead Like You" is an in-your-face, powerful track that shows the group's colors right away. Todd, who sings this track, has a gruff voice and mixes very well. The song is very driving, and I can only imagine how it would feel to be hearing it live. Badass guitar solo, while we're at it.
"Get A Gun!" is another track that really sticks out to me. This band pulls a lot from  the early roots of punk rock, and I love it. The sound is raw, angry, rough, and REAL. The bass is powerful, the guitar sounds almost edgy, and once again, Todd's vocals are strong as hell.
"Sharia's Fist" has a great guitar track, and a completely different sound. Kenny, who also does vocals for the Regime, has a more melodic voice, and it mixes with the music just as well. The songs are very simple and to the point, but there's also something more complex going on here. 
The Regime, although still sounding similar, has come very, very far since July of last year and I have to say I'm impressed.
Songs like "By Pattern," "Powerful on Paper" and "Mankind" also seem to show a strong thrash metal influence- not gonna lie guys, I'm a pretty big fan of the metal bands of the 80s, and I can hear a lot of influence from that on their guitar lines and dynamics. 
Overall, I absolutely love this record. There isn't any bullshit to it- it's fast, it's loud, it's awesome. Kenny and Todd both have great voices, the guitar lines always keep me interested, it makes the bassist in me proud, and  Ricky is a kickass drummer. The boys clearly worked hard and it paid off. Also, they should probably come out to the midwest, because I have a feeling this shit sounds great live.

Here's them for real, here's them bandcamp style, and here's them on the book of faces. Have fun, kiddos. While you're at it... visit us!


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