Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tin Armor- Life of Abundance

Tin Armor is such a great band, and I've been excited about this release for a long, long time. Not only are they from my home state (poor guys), they've got a constantly-changing-but-always-awesome sound that I can't get enough of. Tin Armor has country roots, indie influences, and just enough folkpunk/poppunk to keep it exciting for me. This album sounds so different, but it's the same old shit I love. RIYL The Weakerthans, Wilco, Band of Horses, Ben Folds, Fun.
The opening track is SUCH a great ballad. It's slow, it's traditional, it's new, it's interesting, it's flat out beautiful. I don't describe indiepop songs as beautiful very often, but... damn. This is slampiece music. "Life of Abundance" makes a great title track and opener. The vocal harmonies are absolutely awesome, the keyboards are gospel-esque and beautiful, and I love the drums on this track. Guys, my grandma would love this band and I mean that in the best of ways. Your grandma would love this band. Buy her this album.
"Plain Limbs" has AMAZING lyrics and rolling instrumentals that I swear will be in my head for a week. It's really mellow, and yet it's still powerful.
Most of the time, a band changing it's sound scares me. Even if it sounds great, it still seems to lose a lot of it's soul. (Helllo, Jeff Rosenstock?) However, it seems like the more Tin Armor evolves, the more soul they put into their music and the more I love them.
I want to dance with someone to "Inside Days." Will someone please just spin me to this song once? It's got such a traditional, catchy, adorable sound. What am I saying? The entire record has that sound.
"I Am Resolved"- my favorite song on the entire thing. The piano is amazing, the sound is powerful, and I am typing in rhythm to the drum beat as we speak. The only thing that could make this band better is if the members were otters. How cute would that be?
Anyway, another great track is the last song on the album. "Silhouettes" ends the album the same way it starts. A wonderful ballad.

Best tracks on the record? All of them. Seriously. You can buy it on their bandcamp for any price you wish... So if you're poor, you're in luck. If you have some money to spare, they're in luck. Cause this album is worth it.
It will be out on vinyl and CD self-released on August 16th. Pay attention to their website for details.
If you're more of a facebook person, here ya go!


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