Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ingrid Gatin- Time Will Change Us

Ingrid Gatin is an extremely talented indie/roots musician from Winnipeg and we absolutely adore her! She's got strong pipes, and plays the accordian (along with other instruments, of course...). What else do you need? This album comes out tomorrow and I strongly recommend you check this lady out. RIYL:  Sara Bareilles, Jill Goldberg, Meg Cavanaugh.
"Take These Walls" starts off very slow with a cutesy, very back-to-basics sound and floors you right away with Ingrid's sultry, powerful voice. It's a cute, original sound and definitely throws back to many female greats before her.
"Climb Climb Climb" speeds up quite a bit and has a great sound to it. I am absolutely in love with Ingrid's voice and her music. The harmonies are wonderful and the accordian adds a strange, but pleasant tone to all of her work.
Whoever plays the violin for Ingrid is extremely talented, I don't want to forget that. Her work is almost more of an orchestra piece with jazzy-vocals than anything else.
 Best song on the EP? "I Built This Song." Shows off her voice more than anything and I love the bouncy piano. 
Every one-bit piece of her work is impressive, and I love it. The claps and stomps are also hilariously fitting.

Overall, this is a great 'mini-album', as she calls it. You've gotta check this lady out.


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