Monday, August 22, 2011

Mall'd to Death - The Process of Reaching Out

There's this ancient proverb that states something along the lines of, "any 7" record that includes at least one song about playing Nintendo 64 is a damn good release from a damn good band." I would know, I'm an English major (I'm not an English major). So, with that proverb in mind, we approach 'The Process of Reaching Out' by Mall'd to Death from Minneapolis.

These guys are gritty. Like 50 Cent or something. When I first turned on this album, I immediately thought, "wow, these guys are gritty. This sounds like a song that would be on a Tony Hawk game...but it may be too gritty for that stuff." Something along those lines. And it's definitely true. These songs are catchy, delightful punk jams. Just like 90s punk bands, there's the standard inclusion of a ska bit at some point in a song or two. These songs tackle every facet of life, good and bad. The good being video games, the bad being almost anything else.

You can buy this six-song amalgamation of badassedness over at It's Alive Records. Isn't that swell? I full-heartedly suggestion you do this, too, because this album is awesome. Mall'd To Death are pros at what they're doing, and what they're doing is D4-core punk with subject matter that fits my brain perfectly. These dudes sound like they have beards, but they don't have beards. WEIRD.


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