Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Speaker For the Dead- Devil Won't Make Your Band Good

Speaker for the Dead is actually this guy from Worcester. This really talented dude, mind you, named Greg McKillop. This album (released in April) is a fantastic folx punx album and I absolutely adore it. Check it out!
The album has a really back-to-basics, homey sound and I love it. Nothing gets my heart going like a simple record with great sound. It's the heart, not the production, guys. Speaker for the Dead does a great job of showing this.
"Magazine" is a faster song with a catchy guitar line and upbeat drums. I really like Greg's voice, and the lyrics are awesome. It's an amazing song. It's got a very country feel, but at the same time, it's not country. Because then I wouldn't be listening to it right now... ha ha.
"Don't Follow Me" is a very mellow song with awesome vocal harmonies. This is road trip music, guys.
"Tourist" really picks up the beat again, with a catchy dance-y tune and fun melodies. I almost have trouble believing that this is only one guy, because of the complexity of the music. It's awesome.
"Thanksgiving" has horns on it. What else do I need to say? "Science" and "Car Crash" continue the same theme of wonderful.
This is probably the best 22 minutes of my day. It's a great folk punk record and I can't wait to see where else he goes with this, especially once the band has filled out more.

SFTD Facebook. Love it.


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