Monday, August 22, 2011

The Maxies - Going Clubbing

Thank science for the privilege to review this album, seriously. Not much else can help a bad mood the way these super-infectious pop punk melodies do. Actually, don't thank science; I don't like science much. Thank Greenland, though, for birthing such an awesome band. And thank The Maxies for being fucking rad and making my life that much better.

The Maxies are ramonescore pop punk at its finest- meaning they sound a lot like Screeching Weasel. This four song album Going Clubbing is the epitome of everything desirable in the pop punk world. The songs are infectious, obviously meant to be danced along to, and it all comes with a good sense of humor. Seriously, there's a song on here called "The Clap" and it's about giving people 'the clap'. I mean, I totally suspect they mean it in the innocent way that it's demonstrated in. They're just clapping and it's catching on! Nothing at all to do with any sort of STI.

What is it with It's Alive Records and putting out absolutely wonderful shit? Is "wonderful shit" an oxymoron? And if so, who gives a shit? The point is, IAR clearly have their finger on the pulse of what's excellent, and they help us all out by putting out a bunch of vinyls of the best recordings to ever hit us in the face. 'Going Clubbing" is an excellent album, and The Maxies are an awesome band. I look forward to everything else they put out, and I know it'll be as fun and rad as this release. Go buy this record! Duh.


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  1. these guys rip off all their album art and promos. the singer and rhythm guitarist are middle-aged douchebags that need to get a life. and they aint from greenland, they're from the white trash inland empire! hahahahaa