Friday, August 26, 2011

The Copyrights - North Sentinel Island

The Copyrights are a big deal. Fact. They're from Nowhere, Illinois. Fact. They share members with Dear Landlord. Fact. They sometimes put on costumes and play as a band called The Dopamines. Fact. Honestly, I think their whole Dopamines-costume thing is just a way to get away with drinking twice as much as they should at their age. It's logic, really. These champions of the pop punk genre have decided it was a good idea to release another album. I have to disagree with this being a good idea, on account of it being a fucking awesome idea. 'North Sentinel Island' came out on Red Scare Records not very long ago and it's the source of a few my new favorite pop punk jams. That's the first time I've referred to a song as a jam, and I don't think I like it.

The Copyrights are basically a 90s pop punk that for some reason releases all of their albums in the 2000s. They definitely defined the genre in recent years, because almost every band that I catch wind of sounds at least 90% like The Copyrights. I mean, you go into their records basically knowing what to expect. Roughly four chords repeating throughout, a couple vocalists singing some catchy shit that will not leave your head, and occasionally a pretty simple pop punk guitar lead. Oh, and a lot of self-depreciating lyrics mixed with a good amount of proud-to-be-working-class lyrics. The cool thing about The Copyrights is that they can throw mostly the same ingredients into the pot every time and still come up with a new kind of awesome soup. Or whatever metaphor you prefer. 'North Sentinel Island' is a perfect example of this.

Seriously, there are so many fucking awesome songs on this record. "Well-Fed and Warm", "Hell Will Be Party Time", "Restless Head", "Expatriate Blues", "20 Feet Tall", "Crutches", and the rest are all pretty nifty as well. It's really hard to pick the best songs on this album, considering it's all pretty solid. You can buy it for only 9 bucks over at Red Scare, too. Awesome, right? You can also pick up a bunch other cool shit there, like previous Copyrights releases. So you should get on that. I'm going to take a shower before I turn crust punx on accident. 5 out of 5 pizzas.


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