Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brendan Rivera- Hole in the Curtain

Brendan Rivera is an extremely talented musician from Mammaroneck, NY. His music is a combination of folk punk, indie, and alternative, and it rocks. I love it. "Hole in the Curtain" is a single from the album No Ocean in Ireland and was released on bandcamp in February along with two previously unreleased b-sides.
"Hole in the Curtain" is such a great song. First off, the guitar is so, so awesome. I love his combinations of melodies and dynamics and it just sounds wonderful. Second off, he's an extremely talented lyricist. The biggest thing that hooked me with Brendan is his goddamn lyricism. Check it out.
"Sell My Soul" is a very, very cut-back, mellow track. It's just Brendan and his guitar, no bullshit to it. It's such a great song. It's relaxed, it's pretty, and I love it.
Lastly, and my favorite, "The Park" has an AMAZING melody to it. It's a longer song, but I'm glad it is, because as I said, it's my favorite out of this bunch. The slow, sultry melody goes so well with his voice. It's awesome.


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