Monday, August 8, 2011

ThE BLiSTeRz - Rebels Without Applause

There must be some unwritten (until now, technically) rule stating that there will always be some awesome punk music coming out of New York. The most recent example of this phenomenon would have to be this catchy little three-piece group The Blisterz (some of the letters are weirdly capitalized, but I'm incredibly lazy). Their songs aren't incredible intricate, which is totally my favorite level of complexity. They're to-the-point rock songs that you can sing along to while waving a beer (in lieu of a lighter) back and forth. They aren't even really that fast either, so you won't spill your beer all over the place! It's perfect, man.

The Blisterz did us all the favor of putting out a pretty lengthy full length this summer. It's like, 14 whole songs and shit. And they aren't The Steinways, so these songs aren't all a minute in length. They call this awesome piece of work Rebels Without Applause, which is ironic due to the fact that there's definitely at least one song on here that has recorded clapping going on. Boom, roasted. Another thing that's cool about these dudes, that you'll probably realize pretty quickly upon playing this album, is that there's a definite Street Dogs edge to it. The vocals are strong and just a tad bit gruff, and the instrumentation is solid and the vocal melodies aren't to be easily forgotten. It kind of sucks that these dudes are all the way up in New York's capital, because I definitely would have a lot of fun at one of their live shows. I mean, they're basically like if The Dopamines were quite a bit more Ramones-core and hailed from Albany. I can see their live shows being pretty damn similar. I mean, I already mentioned the whole beer-waving feeling of it all.

Oh, another rad thing about Rebels Without Applause is that The Blisterz have it up for free stream and download on their bandcamp page. You know what that means, right? It means you're required to listen to it now. You have no excuse. Seriously. So, do yourself a favor and check this album out. You're bound to at least become partially attached to the infectious punk anthems that come included with this release. Also, do us a favor and leave us some comments after you listen to it. We like that kind of stuff.



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  1. Song #10, the DJ let us Down Again is very cool Rock-a-Billy rave up that rocks!

    Song #14 is my other favorite - Over and Out!

    - Dave
    Cleveland, OH

  2. I totally agree with your favorites, ha. They're rad.