Monday, August 1, 2011

The Copyrights - Crutches

I had to (forgive me) learn the hard way that Copyrights are definitely one of the best bands in the current pop punk scene. I mean, without Copyrights, we wouldn't have The Dopamines. And without The Dopamines, we wouldn't have one, solid, unifying reason to make it through every day without breaking out the suicide gear. I mean, it's something like that. So I guess this new Copyrights EP, Crutches, is kind of like a musical cock tease. They've already announced that their upcoming full length is done, but it's going to be a bit of time before it's officially out. So, until then, they throw a few songs at us and we all willingly catch the bone and gnaw on it whenever we find 10 minutes we're somehow willing to spend not listening to the new House Boat album. I mean, I'll bite. Fuck it.

Crutches is classic Copyrights. They don't throw any misdirections at you or anything. You get what you're expect...if you're expecting to enjoy it immensely, that is. It's whatever-wave pop punk (the wave goodbye, as I've seen it be called), and it stays true to that form. The songs are catchy, and sound as strong as possible. You'll find it impossible not to enjoy the shit out of these scene champions, as they've proven with every release to date. I mean, they even prove it with the other bands that the members are deeply involved in, such as Dear Landlord. These guys are just plain fucking unstoppable, and I just can't imagine them releasing anything that I'd see as a disappointment. I love these four songs as much as I love pretty much every song these dudes have put out. You probably will too. I mean, what's stopping you from getting into it right now? The songs are streaming on their punknews profile, and you can buy the album over at It's Alive Records. I highly recommend both of these options. If you're smart, like me. (Disclaimer:  I'm really not smart at all.)


P.S. 2011 is a pretty solid year for the punk scene. As I'm going to be proving with a lot of my reviews this month. Especially the next one, which will be a review of the new House Boat (Steinways, The Ergs, Dear Landlord) album. So yeah. Fuck you. Get pumped.

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