Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cake vs. Cake - The Showdown

Disclaimer: Okay, this isn't an album review. Half of it isn't even music related. Half of it is legitimately about cake.

Dan the Man, friend of Idle and the Bear, has been on vacation in Utah this week. On his second day there, his aunt took him to see the band Cake perform at the Red Butte Garden. I decided that the food cake is much better than the band Cake...and we decided this needed to be officially put to the test. Dan wrote up a review on the show he attended, whilst his girlfriend Holly and I reviewed an actual cake back at home in Kentucky.

This is his story:

Cake Show - Red Butte Garden (Utah) - 6/17/11

Alright, so not only am I writing my first review of a concert ever, but for a band that I’ve never sat down and listened to. That would be Cake. My aunt surprised me on my trip out to see her with tickets to see them at the Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City last night.

(The only remotely punk kid I saw was this dude in a Bad religion hoody, so sorry for all you SLC punk fans.)

This hippie mom next to me danced pretty much the whole time without shoes and only this little dress and top. No bra. Oh, did I mention it was a little chilly out? Pretty much a train wreck. Didn’t wanna look, but I couldn’t look away.

Anywho, Cake puts on a pretty entertaining show. It was just them, so they played two sets with a short intermission in between. The first set was mostly from their most recent album, which they released independently in January (and was fairly solid despite having a different sound from other Cake records).

One of the highlights from the first set was this song “Sheep go to Heaven to Goats go to Hell”; vocalist John McCrea did a good job getting the crowd involved on this song in particular. Also “Long time” and “Sick of You” were a couple cool numbers that they played from the new record. "Sick of You" is still stuck in my head today, even. Think about if Fred Durst put out a song with more syncopated word play, trumpet, synth, and catchy riffs.

Actually, throw out the Durst.

Second set was for all you nostalgic folks. They played a handful of older songs, including “Satan is My Motor”, which he made sure to inform the mostly Mormon crowd was just a metaphor. Cake was also doing this neat thing where they brought up one member of the audience up to identify a tree onstage correctly. Winner gets to keep the tree as long as they promise to plant it and send a picture of it to their website. He also gave permission for anyone in the audience to hunt the man down if he didn’t, so he better plant that apple tree!

After a while they did that thing all rock stars like to do-the planned encore. I knew what was coming but it was still great. The crowd was amped on their boxed wine as Cake played “The Distance”, “Short Skirt Long Jacket” and a funky rendition of Sabbath's song "War Pigs".

All in all, it wasn’t a bad rock show. Pretty eclectic style of sound and they do a good job bringing humor and energy to the show. I’ll probably go check out some of their records when I get back to Ohio. Plus, I managed to avoid overdosing and becoming a Mormon, as my girlfriend asked of me. And I found out Mormons know how to party. Word.

-Dan the Man


Okay, not bad. It doesn't sound like an altogether bad experience. I mean, I could see myself not having a terrible time at a Cake show. But, in all honestly, I'd much rather go to a cake know? Like, a convention center loaded up with people showing off their awesome homemade cakes to be judged by cake experts. That sounds like more of my scene. With that in mind, it was clear what had to be done. Holly and I needed to review an actual cake.

This is our story:

Oreo Ice Cream Cake - Newport, KY - 6/22/11

We start our story with the realization that the closest Dairy Queen to my house is about 20 minutes away. We decided that Kroger was the best option to find a cake on such short notice. Holly was supposed to bring some stuff to make a cake, but that was pretty much the only thing she forgot to bring over. She remembered to bring Joey's PS2 games at least, and my seasons of The Mighty Boosh. All is well.

Clearly, we went with an Oreo Ice Cream Cake. Because, what the fuck else could be a better decision? We cut the bad boy into 4 giant pieces, and chowed down on a piece each.


I mean, this is the first time I've had ice cream cake ever. And Oreos are already my favorite thing in the world, other than Jason Segel and The Wonder Years (I wish all of that was a band name, rather than separate things). So, this cake was fucking excellent.


There was a noticeable lack of Mormons and hippie nipples....but...


There was a noticeable lack of Mormons and hippie nipples.


Well, except the fact that our tummies are seriously aching up a storm now. The pain is almost enough to make me wish I could trade places with Dan in this review process...but not quite enough.

So, what's better? Cake or cake? I say cake. Holly says cake. We're pretty sure Dan agrees with cake being better than Cake. He's busy being a badass in the Colorado River, or we'd know his answer for sure. I guess we'll find out when he gets home!


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