Monday, June 20, 2011

Spoonboy - The Papas

I'm totally shitting a turtle over this new album by Spoonboy. It's the first Spoonboy release in six whole years. Six longggggg years. But, it's all good, because it's fucking excellent.

So basically this album was created by Spoonboy and company. Company meaning members from Defiance Ohio, Hot New Mexicans, Nana Grizol and some other bands. I mean, the album starts off with a song about Michigan which features a horn section. The recording quality is on the lower side, which some fuzzy sounding electric guitar...but the vocals sound completely fine so everything is everything.

Every song on this album is excellent, seriously. I mean, I was initially excited because the album has "Stab Yer Dad" on it, and that's my favorite Spoonboy song. But, the album turned out to just be comprised entirely of awesome songs. It's like if Barney Stinson were a folk-punk album. Well, you know...the lyrics aren't about banging girls or anything. I just meant their awesome levels are equal. But, in case you If You Make It peeps are wondering...the album version of "Stab Yer Dad" is fucking awesome. It's seriously everything I could've asked for. I'm shitting turtles over this album. I don't know what that means. I hope it's nothing gross.

The best part about getting to listen to the album version of "Stab Yer Dad" finally, is that this song "Do You Need a Messiah?" comes on right after it...and it's fucking great. Four songs in and you know that this album is going on a bunch of top 10 lists for this year. Here's my top 10 list of top 10 lists this album will be on:

  1. Top Ten CDs to Use As Ninja Throwing Stars
  2. Top Ten Reasons To Not Die This Year
  3. Top Ten Sexual Positions in CD Format
  4. Top Ten Albums of the Year (No shit, bro)
  5. Top Ten Breeds of Horses in CD Format
  6. Top Ten Records to Spin at a Wedding, Funeral, or other such event.
  7. Top Ten Cans of Soup in CD Format
  8. Top Ten Reasons Folk Punk Could Get You or Your Female Relatives Pregnant
  9. Top Ten Best Written Albums of the Year, Lyrically
  10. Top Ten Sounds Drunk Owls Make In CD Format
That's just the short version...there could be a Top 50 list, but it wouldn't really fit the format. So, every song is fucking awesome. There's horns on like half of them or more, and there's even like an acoustic version of this album out somewhere...I saw it on google images. It was blue. I guess it's like a demo reel. I want it, too, though.

"Hegemonic Blowfish" might be the best song on this fucker. The lyrics are brilliant, the vocals are wonderful and infectious, and the instrumentals are dirty and confused. I fucking love it. We're about halfway through this masterpiece, and "it's not over 'til the fat fish sings."

It's almost unfair. Right after I decide "Hegemonic Blowfish" is the best, "Peanuts" comes on a couple songs later and gives it a run for its money. Fuck. It actually pretty much goes in this manner throughout the entire record. So, basically, it's your job to go get this album and listen to it a million times. I don't really have any criticism for it, to be honest. I mean, I could be petty and say that the format doesn't switch up much from song to song...but I don't really judge that anyway. It feels like a book of poems that goes along to a score of music, and if it's thought about in that way...the music definitely changes up enough to keep it fresh and interesting. 

Get this album. I love it.


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