Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grown Ups - Hand Holder

If you woke up today with a craving for something badass, then you're pretty much in luck. Emo/punk band Grown Ups from Chicago and whatnot have just released a new 7" featuring four new songs, full of clean guitar and dirty yelling. It's basically like if Lifetime and American Football were the same band. Maybe throw in some Banner Pilot to seal the deal. So, clear your musical schedule and listen to 'Hand Holder' all day instead. It's worth it.

The guitar is primarily on clean channel, and playing sweet sounding little leads throughout all of the songs. The vocals, as hinted earlier, are sung with a lot of grit and emotion. The raspiness of the singer's voice is essentially most of their similarity to the band Lifetime. Actually, the vocal melodies are pretty reminiscent as well. Grown Ups really remind me of the band Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine. The same awesome catchiness, with the same awesome emo-styled guitar bits.

So, what you can take away from this album...is pure awesome. And what you can take away from this review, is that this album is pure awesomeness. It's definitely among the top releases of the year, and you're just shooting yourself in the kneecap by not getting your hands on it right away. I mean, just listen to the song "Couch King" with it's awesome blues guitar lead intro into the perfect mess that is the vocals. You'll be hooked and you'll love it. So do it. Jerk.


P.S. You're not a jerk.


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