Thursday, June 2, 2011

The bear sucks at keeping secrets!

We were going to wait a little longer to let you guys know... But we're getting some great work done and we're excited to tell you!!
Has it seemed like we were slacking off the past few weeks? Possibly short reviews and long stretches without any posts?
We really were working, I promise- harder than we've ever worked before! We've been working on an IDLE AND THE BEAR COMPILATION- VOL. 1.
and it's been an exciting adventure so far!
We've been working with about 30 bands- such as Direct Hit!, The Flaming Tsunamis, Mike Park, Matt Wixson's Flying Circus, House Boat, and Maladroit.
This compilation is going up on band camp on JUNE TWENTIETH. It will be up for download on choose your own price- AKA free unless you feel like being super nice to me and Idle for all of our hard work.
The compilation will also be going on compact disc. It will be 5 dollars, available for pre-order on June 20th (the same day it goes up for download) and it will be available in mid-August.
We do have some extra slots left on the compilation. If your band is interested in writing a song for us and having some fun, email us at
Note: These slots are limited, however, if we can't get you on this one, we promise there will be a volume 2!

Are you guys as excited as we are? :)


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