Monday, June 27, 2011

The Disabled - The Lavender Album

Last summer, my old band went on this fiasco of a tour, but if there are two things I remember fondly from this experience, it would be The Warehouse (awesome venue in La Crosse, WI) and The Disabled (awesome pop punk group from the same location). Those two things, along with the hospitality we received staying at this girl Caroline's house across from the venue, were like this huge, shining beacon of awesome, and they made the last show of our cut-short tour as awesome as possible. So, for that, I love The Disabled.

The Disabled are going on tour to support their new release, 'The Lavender Album', and their tour kick off show will be July 9th at The Warehouse...hopefully. The Warehouse has to collect a lot of money in the next couple days to keep the venue running. You can donate to this cause over at their website, and you definitely should. I've never been in a venue nearly as cool as The Warehouse...and you haven't either, dudes.

Now, about this album:

'The Lavender Album' is The Disabled's third full length since forming in 2005. They've become more advanced as musicians and songwriters and more eclectic with influences expressed within their music. They definitely fall most heavily into the pop punk category, being similar to bands such as Mr. T Experience and Gateway District, but I'd say indie music would be the second most obvious influence on this record.

The album starts off on the slower side, but picks up pretty well a couple tracks in. "Johnny 99" is probably my favorite song on the release, mostly for how well the vocals sound for that one specifically. This album is self recorded at the personal studio for the record label Mob Front Records, which was founded by the members of Disabled. It's definitely on the lo-fi side, but that doesn't take much away from the listening experience. I honestly think everything sounds great, for the most part. The vocal recording just seems like it could use some extra work.

Actually, "I'm No Hero, I Just Like Punching People in the Face" might be my favorite on this release. And yes, it's possible that I'm only saying that due to the keyboard parts. I love it, though.

You can check this album out over on bandcamp, and you definitely should. It's a fun-sized full length with a lot of awesome put into it. Go help out The Warehouse if you can! If you've never been there, then your donation is obviously necessary so that you may get a chance to one day. It's awesome, promise.


Idle and the Bear. Disabled.

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