Monday, June 13, 2011

Frank Turner- England Keep My Bones

Frank Turner, previously the frontman of Million Dead (great hardcore band), embarked on a new and very interesting journey in 2007- a folk project. It become a huge success- even though it was a completely different genre, he's a really talented dude and I love it. This album was released on Epitaph on June 7th.
It starts off with the "Eulogy"- a seemingly slow Disney-esque pretty sound. Woodwinds and great dynamics, not something you hear often anywhere but Far Far Away or band class. Either way, it's something I personally can appreciate, and it transitions into some great folk guitar and Frank singing some awesome lyrics for those of us who aren't an astronaut or Freddie Mercury. It's an awesome intro to the album.
It transitions straight into "Peggy Sang The Blues," a tribute to his grandmother. This song has everything it needs to be great- a fun rhythm, catchy melodies, talented vocals, and awesome lyrics. I like Frank Turner, because we have a lot in common. We both appreciate the softer side of music as much as we love hardcore, and we both love Italian food. (Note: I have no idea if Frank Turner likes Italian food.)
Either way, he's a great musician. I like this record because his song writing is still the same as always, but he incorporates more instruments than he ever has before. He includes piano and horns and strings and woodwinds prominently in every track and it's an experiment that turned out very, very well for him.
The last track, "Glory Hallelujah" is a very, very controversial track. It's a very in-your-face athiest song, and even though I am not a Christian, I'm a little put off by the song. Either way, it's still a good song, regardless of the words, and he truly has some good points in what he says.
One of the songs, "Wessex Boy" is very laid back and un-edited in it's recording. It starts off with some laughing and counting off, as every great jam does, and then the song is absolutely wonderful. It's catchy and mellow and very sweet sounding. Probably one of my favorites on the album.
"One Foot Before the Other" has the most interesting guitar on the album and probably the most interesting music overall, for that matter. It's definitely the hardest song on the album, and it's very, very good. I LOVE the bass line in it.
"If Ever I Stray" = best lyrics on the entire album, definitely stuck with me.
Overall, it's a great album and as always, Frank Turner gives us something great to listen to. Did you expect anything different?

You can stream this album at Alternative Press. Check out his facebook and his website. Our facebook.


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