Sunday, June 5, 2011

Win stuff from Dead City Radio

If you guys haven't heard them yet, you've gotta hear Dead City Radio. As of now, they only have one single out, but that single completely blew the mind of everyone who's heard it so far and they're making quite the impact on the music community in a short amount of time. They're signed to Full Effect Records, and working on an album to be out later this summer/early-fall. Dead City Radio displays a really broad range of sounds- the album contains some garage rock, some indie, some punk...some of everything! 
That is the first single from the upcoming album, and I loved it from the start. Douglas Garnett, the core of the group and a friend of mine, has been working his ASS off for this group and truly loves music more than you guys know. 
One great thing about Dead City Radio is that they love to connect with the audience- and there's a great opportunity they're giving you guys right now.
"'Sign up now to our DEADMAIL LIST and win a one-of-a-kind USB Flash
Drive of POST TRAUMATIC TALES written/recorded and produced by DuG
only! Winner will be announced June 15, 2011 on'"

Let me clarify- even though the album is  (obviously) being mixed by the record company, Garnett is personally mixing it himself to put on one flash drive to give out to a fan. Just one. And all you have to do to enter is sign up to his mailing list- win/win situation, am I right?
GO HERE to enter the contest and learn more about the group.


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