Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Living Daylights - What Keeps You Breathing

Apparently people in the UK are capable of far more than making great tea and awesome comedies...they also make great melodic punk music. Also, they have Hogwarts. That's pretty awesome.

The Living Daylights are a four piece melodic punk group from Lincoln (UK) who apparently spend most of their time constructing perfect songs with catchy vocals, powerful leads, and atmospheric instrumentals. If their album 'What Keeps You Breathing' was meant to paint a scene around us, it'd probably be like a naval battle scene or a rousing game of life size Wizard Chess. Or maybe a wild west duel. It'd be something similar to those scenes. I'm not the artist here...let them paint it for you.

I turned this album on earlier today to sound track my experience of cooking an eating a giant, awesome omelette. The music definitely fit it perfectly. The first song, "It Starts In Our Heads", busted my head open with infectious awesomeitude whilst I busted some eggs up into a mixing cup. The second song came pouring in as smoothly as the milk poured into the mixing cup with the eggs, and the drums pounded away whilst I beat the shit out of those eggs. It was legen - wait for it - DAIRY. (I've been watching too much How I Met Your Mother recently).

So, my making of an omelette may not have been a great naval battle scene, or a rousing game of Wizard Chess, but it did contain all of the same ingredients (tomatoes, onions, cheese, spices)...and it was accompanied by buttered toast. So, it was somewhat similar, right? The point is, this album could sound track just about any activity, really. I plan to listen to it again when I go downstairs to work out (once this omelette settles). So, if you want an album with infectious songs, strong backup vocals, and a slight brocore overtone...and you want it to have a sexy British accent:  you now know where to go. Get your hands on a copy of 'What Keeps You Breathing' by The Living Daylights and rejoice, sinner. You won't regret it. It's fucking awesome.


The Living Daylights. Idle and the Bear.

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