Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hiding Out Loud- Hiding Out Loud EP

Hiding Out Loud is a great pop punk/posthardcore/indie/I'm not really sure what else group from Flemington, New Jersey. It's made up of Jeff Hersch, Christian Terjesen, Derek Munro, and Mike Carbone. I actually laughed my ass off and love the quote they have up on their bandcamp page- "...sounds like a confused Brand New trying to fuck Transit." Because it does. This album was self produced, and it was released on the 11th of this month. :)
You know it's a good album when you're thirty seconds into the first track and you're already planning on burning it to CD for the car. "Transitions" starts off like so many songs do- group vocals and a slow beat in the background. However, this doesn't mean they're generic. It's a familiar sound with a new take on it. The song has a driving melody with a powerful and prominent bassline and great vocals. Note: Nothing makes me smile more than being able to hear the fun radiating off of musicians as they record. Nothing shows a band having fun quite like one of the members shouting WOO! in the middle of a song.
This is actually the third time I'm listening to the album (as a good reviewer should do) and every time, it grows on me a little bit more. I love their instrumentals quite a bit- the bass and the guitar seem to trade back and forth in the melody, but it's still consistent. I also love the lyrics on this song- great thoughts on top of great music.
The next track, "Every Dog Has It's Day," picks up the pace quite a bit. It's got a very fast paced melody and a catchy chorus- what else do you need? The guitar is creative, the bass is (once again) tres formidable, the drums rock, and I am still so digging the vocals. They have the full package! I also have a feeling that Hiding Out Loud kicks ass live- can anyone testify to that  for me?
 "Reese Without Her Spoon.." first off, LAWL. I can't even give real 'ha ha's to that. That is just a big lawl. Anyway, this song has the best lyrics on the entire EP. Hands down. I love what an important part the bass plays in Hiding Out Loud's music- typically, the bass hides in the background playing the same 3 damn notes the entire song... Not the case here. It's a great song.
"Clouds", if we're still going by "Most.... on the album" is the most catchy. I fucking LOVE this song. The outro is the cutest thing I've heard all week, and it had some tough competitors for that title. 5 stars.
Last but not least, "On Margins Of Old Books" continues the theme of the rest of the album. It rocks. Everything is great and it ties in together perfectly.
The download also includes an acoustic version of "Every Dog Has His Day." It's cute as hell.

Hiding Out Loud is great. Go have their babies.


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