Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dave Hause- Resolutions

Most of you know Dave Hause as the lead singer/guitarist as The Loved Ones, one of my personal favorite bands on the entire PLANET. Some of you also know he started a solo project recently, and released this album Resolutions on Paper + Plastick. It was on pre-order in January, and I think it was actually released sometime in February, so this is fairly old, but I really wanted to review it when it came out and for some reason, I never got around it. And considering the fact that these first few days of June have been slow... why not? If you'd rather I'd review something new, tell me something worth reviewing. You know, more worth Dave Hause's beautiful honey voice... That was meant in the most platonic way ever. 
I actually went with Idle to see the Mikey Erg, Dave Hause, and Ian Graham tour a few months back, and seeing Dave play these songs live is really the driving force behind my love for these songs. When it first went online, I liked them alright, but I always preferred his work with the Loved Ones. Now, I just love it.
"Time Will Tell" is the opening track, and it's a piano song. The lyrics amaze me every time. In short, it's beautiful. I love his voice, and hearing the piano was both different and interesting. I'm ADDICTED to the part where he says "You say there's not a God, god damnit I could use a little faith to keep from crawling right out of my skin." Not the entire bridge, just that line. I think I re-winded it a million times in my iTunes the first time I heard it. Reason? No idea.
"C'mon Kid" was probably the song that stuck with me most live. It's the catchiest song on the album.
Overall, Dave Hause's solo stuff sounds pretty similar to the Loved Ones, just acoustic. Aside from a few ballad-y songs, it's the same catchy feel that everyone who listens to it connects to.
"Meet Me At The Lanes" is another one of my favorites, just because it's such a great melody (or lack there of.) It's 90% drums and 10% guitar. 
The album has a lot of variability. It's still Dave Hause, but there are like 400 sides to Dave.
Really, though. I don't know how people could dislike this album. (Did anyone?) He has the full package together. Brilliant lyrics, addictive guitar lines, a little piano, a lot of drums, and probably a lot of booze in between. 
If you haven't listened to it yet, you really really should. 

(PS. Dave promised me that he'd re-learn Please Be Here to play at his next show.... Does anyone who's seen him since April know if he followed through?)


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