Friday, June 3, 2011

Junior Battles - Idle Ages

Junior Battles are this Toronto pop punk outfit that appears to have written an album about my life or something, considering the title 'Idle Ages'. Or maybe they're using Idle as in like when a car is idling or someone goes idle on AIM. That's more likely. So, if you're sitting at your house...waiting for Suburbia to come out...bored of everything you spend your time listening to...well, here you fucking go!

Idle Ages is the fucking shit, bros and chicks. This album is fucking powerful. These songs will become engraved in your pop punk brain (you know, the second brain you have...somewhere in your ass, I'm assuming) and will stay there forever. The album starts off with "Seventeen" and that song is fucking sick. These Canadians know what's up...unlike Propagandhi as of late. This song is followed by the song "Twenty Five", which is also a song about being a certain age...and no, it's not a B!TMI cover. Sorry.

By time the third song is about another age, I start to notice that I was correct about the album having a focus on people at certain ages, but I was wrong about it being about me...since I'm only 20...I haven't aged enough for these songs to be about me. It's time to get stoked again once "Ever Get the Feeling You've Been Cheated?" because that song is fucking rad. All the songs are rad, but not all of them are poppy. You can only get stoked on poppy ones, the rest you just get 'this song is rad' on. Or something. I wouldn't be a great hype man, at all. This song gets horny towards the end, if you know what I mean. (I mean there's a horn).

This band is essentially like if Jawbreaker formed in a post-2000 world...that really covers it pretty well. There's a lot of semblance to 90s pop punk, with a fantastic blend of bands from more recent years. They also sound a lot like JUNIOR BATTLES. Because...they have their own sound going on after all this mixing and shit. And you should listen to them to know what they sound like, and also because they're fucking awesome. And they definitely are going to be scoring a shit load of top 10 lists this year. So, fucking get this album. It's coming out on Paper + Plastick on June 28th. So you're pretty much set. I bet they'll put it up on their bandcamp page, too. I mean, one of the songs is up.


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