Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Measure [SA] - Jersey's Best

Okay so, I lost my job. What does that mean for me? Moving back to my dad's in Kentucky. What does that mean for you? More reviews from me finally. And this one is like a double feature! It's a review of an album followed by a story about my sister, Tales From the Crypt, canoeing, and the lack of canoeing. So yeah, bro! Let's dive in!

Okay so, The Measure [SA] are done for. When they chose to call it quits, they wanted to end things right. By playing more shows, Fest 10, and putting out this single I suppose. I guess it's called Jersey's Best because their old drummer's band already took the way better title Jersey's Best Prancers. It's a logical reason to call a single such.

"Jersey's Best" is everything you'd expect from The Measure, in terms of how great and how catchy is. But it also kind of just upsets me. It's like, they release this really awesome pop punk song, and it's on the last thing they're ever going to release. It has the same feeling that you get when you read the last Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts strips. You've just like, "what now, Charlie Brown?" It's blowsville. It's probably also why I quit watching Six Feet Under before the series ended. So basically, it's high energy, messy, infectious, awesome pop punk...and they're nice enough to give us two b-sides for this shit.

The first song on the b-side, "Just Run Faster", sounds a lot like 80s punk music, and it's probably more or less what they were aiming for with it. I like it even more than I like "Jersey's Best", though. It's pretty awesome. But don't worry, the single is at least better than one of the b-sides. "Safer Spaces" is a pretty alright song, but the vocals just sound too sloppy to me. It could be the recording; it could be the performance. I don't know.

So, would I recommend buying this record? Yeah, I's inexpensive. It's a cool little gem to have since it's the last thing they'll ever release. And the songs really are worth listening to over and over again. Honestly, there aren't too many better ways to say goodbye to a bunch of pop punk dorks, and now that The Measure have done this, there's even fewer ways left.


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