Friday, June 3, 2011

Great Cynics- Don't Need Much

Great Cynics (Giles Bidder, Bob Barrett, Iona Cairns) is a wonderful pop punk/indie band from the UK. It started off as Giles' solo project, and has since then added on into an even MORE wonderful trio group that we've all come to love! You might know them as the Cynics- however, due to a recent feather-ruffling from Pittsburgh-based garage rock band Cynics, they have since changed their name to Great Cynics. However, through the member changes and name changes, one thing has stayed the same- it's fantastic. RIYL Apologies or Mixtapes. This album is coming out June 14th on Kind of Like Records in the US and on June 13th on Household Name Records in the UK.
The opening track on Don't Need Much tells you quite a bit about the entire album. "Home Measures" is a great folky song with catchy guitar and cute vocals from Giles. Everything in Great Cynics just works together perfectly- it all just FITS. I love everything about it. It has a very back-to-basics sound and they stay true to that sound throughout the entire album.
One of my favorite songs on the album is "Twenty Five." What's up with bands writing songs about being 25? BTMI, Junior Battles, Great Cynics.. And probably a lot more. Anyway, the song itself rocks. It has group vocals and lots of percussion and clapping! What else could you even possibly want?
"Dave and Angela" is also a great song. It's almost got a 90s sound to it. It's extremely addictive and I love it!
The whole album has a mellow sound to it.
Some songs are slower than others, like "Stones I've Thrown." but for the most part, it's a pretty consistent album that has a bigger whole-sound instead of lots of little sounds.
I'm honestly having trouble choosing a favorite song from the album, because the whole album is so great. 
Normally when I review an album, I like to highlight the 5 or 6 best songs on the album but that's hard to do when you think all 10 songs are the best!
The entire album has a really captivating sound and it's cute and it's strong and it's laid-back and I love it. It actually kind of sounds like Mischief Brew's new album at times, which surprised me a little. I would love to go to a show with the two of them... Which won't happen, but you know. A girl can hope.

In other news, Rocket Fuel, a podcast and a friend of Idle & The Bear, is actually giving away 2 FREE copies of this LP right now! The contest ends Monday, and all you have to do is answer a trivia question about Giles.. He'll pick two random people who answered the question right and you get the LP... Sounds cool, right?
Anyway, here's The Great Cynic's facebook. Check them out.


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