Sunday, June 19, 2011

Idle and the Bear Compilation Volume 1

Idle and the Bear have released the first of many awesome compilations! Head over to the bandcamp page and download it now!

01. Dead North - Risk Analysis*
02. House Boat - Terminally Unique*
03. Arms Aloft - Comfort at Any Cost
04. Lisabi - Dó Maior
05. Black sails, Western Shores - Lullaby For The Working Class
06. Yonrinsha - Is It All Downhill?
07. Church & Chambers - This Reminds Me Of A Drinking Game I Played Once
08. Dads - Dan's Christopher Walken Impersonation
09. Jay Tea - I Believe (in nothing)
10. The Credentials - Descending The Garbage Chute
11. Matt Wixson's Flying Circus - They Can't Fix Me*
12. Les Rasoirs Electriques - Qu'ai je à répondre
13. Direct Hit! - Werewolf Shame
14. DC Fallout - A Man Without A Country
15. A Billion Ernies - Gone
16. Tall Tales - The Big Salad OR My Boys Can Swim (acoustic)*
17. The Gateway District - Run Away
18. Chiense Telephones - thosehotmilwuakeenights
19. Avondale - Anything But Great*
20. Maladroit - There's No I In DIY
21. The Spinoffs - Wilt Chamberlain (Fixed Gear Lovin')
22. Jake Mcaulay - Growing Up Is For People Who Hate Peter Pan*
23. Magic Hammer - Feel better, Heather*
24. The Lollies - I Am a Malcontent
25. Signals Midwest - Monarchs*
26. Ghost Aviary - Chelsea*
27. The Creeps - Follow You Home
28. Dan Padilla - MNPLS
29. Caddywhompus - The Focus
30. Small Time Crooks - The Next Best Thing
31. The Steinways - Today Is The Day We Are Getting Married
32. Pretty Johnny - Le désespoir au bout du fil
33. That's Incredbile - It's All Good
34. Billy Wallace - Tucumcari*
35. Matt Pless - Dirty Needles*
36. The Plurals - Run
37. Dead City Radio - Like A Seizure
38. This Is My Nightmare - I Heard It's Still Punk If It's Sloppy Enough*
39. Stoned At Heart - Turn And Run Away
40. Hello Nurse - Hideaway
41. Mixtapes - The New Ride the Lightning

*Previously Unreleased


 Download it! It's awesome :) The bands are rad.


Bear: Most importantly, thanks to Idle for being the best co-owner a girl could ask for and thanks to all the bands and labels we worked with to make this happen. Thanks especially to Greg and D-Ray from Community Records and Adam Alive from It’s Alive Records for being so great to us, and all the bands who took the time to write us songs. A million thanks to my childhood friend, partner in crime, and constant source of sunshine, Whitney Weydert for providing our AWESOME album art. Thanks to Jake Mcaulay for being my best friend, stress reliever, and “bandmate”. Thanks to the boys that I’ve been talking to on facebook 24/7 because I’ve spent my entire life on the computer working on this compilation- you know who you are. Thanks to my cat, who tested all of these songs with me and puts up with dancing to Direct Hit! and House Boat with me. I won’t say any favorites- but thanks to the bands that have been our friends for so long now and were so great about working with us on this. Thanks to Nissin for making Top Ramen- I can’t work without food. And most of all, thank YOU for being our readers, fans, and friends and for downloading/buying this compilation. We love you! Bear hugs.

Idle: I would like to thank all the awesome bands and people who worked with us in putting this out. A special thank you to Greg and D-Ray from Community Records, Tim McGowan from Ghost Aviary, Adam from It's Alive, and The Bear for being a badass co-owner. Working on Idle and the Bear has been one of the most rewarded experiences of my life. I love the bands and I love the people. If you read our blog, you're awesome and I fucking love you. We hope to do this for like, forever. We want to put out so many more awesome compilations for our fans to enjoy the hell out of. God speed, lades and gents.

-Idle and the Bear


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