Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hard Girls/Kudrow Boo 7"

If there were some sort of weird survey going around that was like, "if you could have sex with two active bands, which bands would they be?" I'd probably be pretty likely to answer, "Hard Girls and Kudrow". What's convenient about this answer is the fact that these two bands released a split recently. What's inconvenient about this answer is the fact that this split was not released digitally at all. What the fuck? I can't afford vinyls, almost ever. I can afford free downloads, though. And I can afford free downloads of vinyl rips.

So, about Hard Girls. Two-thirds of Hard Girls is Pteradon, and the other one-third is Shinobu (the singer of Shinobu, in fact. Mike. Mike Shinobu. That's not his real last name. He kind of looks like Francis from Malcolm in the Middle). And, if you were to take one-fourth of Operation Ivy or the same one-third of Common Rider and throw it into Hard Girls-they'd turn into Classics of Love. But, our focus as of right now is Hard Girls.

The Hard Girls half of the split is like if Alfred Hitchcock was a punk band instead of a legend of the film industry. I'm not only saying this because the first song is titled "Birds", but I am partially saying it due to that. But honestly, I could see Hard Girls being exactly what that would sound like. There's some lo-fi brilliance and hecticness afoot, and it's as sexy as it could possibly be. The major thing Hard Girls and Kudrow have in common is the fact that they both sound like Shinobu. Hard Girls is like Shinobu plus another amazing vocalist for you to fall in love with.

Kudrow is like Shinobu, but with Jeff Rosenstock from Bomb the Music Industry! being a badass all over the tracks. The Kudrow half of the split starts off with some face melting guitar badassery, and it's pretty fucking sweet. I think Jeff just has his finger on the pulse of what will sound amazing to everyone who has an ear for music. Which is pretty much everyone, I believe. Plus, the first song is called "Puppy". How fucking sweet is that? The vocals on this song are pretty crazy and low class. I don't know what I mean by calling it low class, but that's how I feel about it. I love it. This just makes me even more excited for the upcoming BTMI! album. FUCK. The song ends on some more face-meltage.

"Rewards Zone" is even better than "Puppy". Being totally serious here, guys. This song is fucking awesome. I love Jeff's lyricism. Jeff is the Soupy of indie-punk, and Soupy is the Jeff of pop punk. That's how I've felt about things recently. I find it so easy to connect with lyrics by either of the individuals and it makes the listening experience so much better, to the point that their styles of lyricism almost seem imperative to me when I listen to a different band. I get so frustrated with everyone else, now. So uncool.

So, if you're not broke as fuck, you should definitely pick up the Boo Split by Kudrow and Hard Girls. It's definitely worth your money, honey. I'm sorry, that was really weird to rhyme right there.


Hard Girls. Kudrow. Idle and the Bear.

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