Monday, June 13, 2011

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE. (Bear's vacation, compilation, other stuff)

Hi guys. This has nothing to do with music, I just thought you might want to know what's going on in the next couple of months. There will be some small temporary changes here at Idle and the Bear. We've hinted at a few of them on our facebook, but if you don't have our facebook/didn't see it, then you have no idea what's going on.
First off, Idle has been scarce around here lately because of a shitty job with horrible hours, so he's rarely home, and when he is, he's tired as hell. So give him a break. He will be back to posting all the time soon, because...

I am taking a six week hiatus from Idle and the Bear. It kills me to do so, but I have to. I am transferring to University of Iowa for a resident research internship there working with the head of epidemiology. It will keep me VERY, VERY busy. And to be honest, I will not have time during this period to be posting at all. I COULD keep writing reviews, but because of my time limit/exhaustion, they'll be shitty and not thought out and I don't want to do that. When I write reviews, I like to take time to really listen to the album and think about what I'm going to say because that's what you wonderful people deserve. I would rather take a six week break (which I assure you, is going to kill me inside) than spend six weeks writing random, short, uninformative reviews that no one wants to waste their time with.

However, IDLE WILL STILL BE HERE. And he will be trying to up his posts to match what we usually get out in a week, but I can't promise you guys that. Either way, you will still be getting your weekly fill of Punx Rox Breakfast. Promise. If you aren't, let him know, and he'll show up at your house blasting Bad Brains and he'll punch you in the face a bunch and then leave. (Maybe you shouldn't let him know.)

Are you guys wondering about the compilation we brought up a few weeks ago? We are still working on it and it will still be released while I'm gone! (So pissed about missing it.) We're getting a few last songs from the wonderful bands that we're working with, and then it will be up on bandcamp on JUNE 20th. Save that date!
It will be CHOOSE YOUR OWN PRICE DOWNLOAD, and it will be 5 dollars to pre-order on CD which will be shipped out at some point this summer. We've been working with some really, really great bands that have been working their ass off for you and I hope that you guys will love it as much as we do.

While I'm gone, I will also be taking a break from all FACEBOOKING. That one is a personal choice to take a break from it. However, if any of you reaaaaallly want to get a hold of me about anything in particular (music coming out, your SUPERCOOLBAND, missing me, or just telling me a story about unicorns I don't give a fuck) you can contact me at
Otherwise, you can always use our I&TB email ( pretty simple right?

Alright. I will be posting as much as my little hands can take this week, and then I will be saying goodbye to you all on June 18th.

With love,

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