Thursday, April 7, 2011

Arcania Fades- Sink Me Darling (Shit Tracks) 2009

Arcania Fades is a polk funk folk punk band from Quebec and I adore them. They meld a lot of great sounds together and it sounds kickass. JP plays guitar, harmonica, piano, and sings. Alex plays guitar and also sings. Eric plays drums and other forms of percussion. Lastly but not leastly, Dany plays bass and does vocals. Recommended if you like Against Me!, Black Sails Western Shores, Run, Forever, Harley Poe, or New Years Revolution.

"Coming Home" is a really, really fun song. It shows a youthful and inspiring spirit that I adore. Not only is the guitar so addictive and catchy, the different percussion aspects are wonderful too. Also, I fucking love the vocals. Great voices and great melodical lines.The upbeats on the high hat really pull the tone of the song together and set the fun attitude along with the catchy guitar and bass. My brother, whom is a great musician and probably one of my best friends that helps me with reviews sometimes, declared it "pirate punk" and that made me laugh pretty hard. The music is intricate, beautiful, upbeat but still rough, and has a raw sound. 

"Black Flags and Riot Chants" slows down the tempo a bit, and adds harmonica! It's still unbelievably catchy, which seems to be a theme with Arcania Fades. The combination of the acoustic and electric sounds really mix awesome, and I continue to be impressed with the pipes of the boys. They show a great understanding of music, but are still obviously fun people. This is most definitely dancing music. That's what I've decided.

"They Got Us" was a little rough for me at the beginning, but it grew on me! It's kind of a folk punk ballad. The tracks slowly lose pace throughout the album, but they don't lose their emotion. Oh, and the guitar in this song plays on heartstrings.

"Appetite for Decay" is the last song and my favorite! It's so great. The guitar almost reminded me of the Haunted Continents if pace was sped up, and the vocals are a lot like Run, Forever. Hence the RIYL above. This song has variation and strong parts on every instrument. I love every bit of it. It has both driving, fast riffs and slower verses. It just switches so nicely, and really gets my gears going. 

Arcania Fades rocks, and just reinforces my theory that all Canadian punk is good punk. Send them love. <3


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