Monday, April 18, 2011

Mikey Erg/ Dave Hause/ Ian Graham Show last night

Last night, Idle and I and some friends went to the Southgate House to see the above... and it was wonderful. I think Jon Weiner said something about Idle reviewing this, but fuck that. I got to it first.
Billy Wallace opened up for them, and he was just wonderful. I love his style. He plays in a folk punk band called Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues, but last night was just solo stuff. He's fucking fantastic.
You've gotta check him out.
Ian Graham was next, and first off, he was kind of a dick to one of my friends, so BOO to that, but he played Her and Cigarettes, and I wasn't sure if he would, and I love that song more than I love air... So I guess it ALMOST evened out.
Mikey Erg, as expected, was mind-blowingly AMAZING. Idle and I are in love with him (just like the rest of you are) and he did just wonderfully. He also dedicated his next 35 sets to the two of us... That was wonderful. He made my year just by playing... ^_^
Oh, and by the way, EAT YOUR HEART OUT
Ain't it pretty?
Heart shaped 12"... That is technically Idle's... That I stole from him.

Lastly, Dave Hause played. Which was yet another kickass performance because I'm the Loved Ones' biggest fan. He played mostly his solo stuff with a few Loved Ones songs intermixed in. I melted when he played "Jane" and when I asked him to play "Please Be Here" he said he couldn't remember how to play it, but he'll practice it for next time. Cool, right? He played wonderfully, and had a great time talking to everyone in the audience and giving my brother shit all night. It was hilarious.

Overall, it was wonderful and if you weren't there, you suck.
Oh, and Mikey got arrested because the cops were assholes... And arrested him for wandering around drunk. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE EVER WANDERED AROUND CINCI/NEWPORT DRUNK? Probably an amusing amount of you said "ME!" and are also thinking "You can get arrested in Newport?" Yeah. Whatever. More punx cred, I guess.

I'm sure Idle will actually post details later.



Billy Wallace was rad, never seen him play before despite him being from here. It's awesome that he's on DTFH also, which just makes it feel like he has a home on our site.

Ian Graham's set was kind of the lull of the evening. He's a pretty decent lyricist and a good singer, but Cheap Girls just aren't my thing. That song the bear likes is pretty awesome, though. He chastised our photographer friend Holly for taking photos of him...because I guess he isn't photogenic or something. Or he's one of those fish at the aquariums that glow in the dark and you're not supposed to take photos of them because they might die. Or he's a part of one of those tribes who believe photographs steal your soul. You know, something like that.

Mikey Erg played an awesome set of songs from his Heart Shaped LP, and pretty much every Ergs release. He also played a song from his New Low project with Jon Weiner. Jon had Billy Wallace cover his spot working the door downstairs so that he could be up there to see Mike play it. He played Books About Miles Davis, Running Jumping Standing Still, Saturday Night Crap O Rama, and Pray For Rain. What more could you ask for? He had this whole Elvis Costello vibe with the solo dude playing an electric guitar too.

Dave Hause might as well be the kind of stage banter. He kept stopping the vocals of songs, and just palm muting the chord progression so that he could make observations about the crowd or tell stories. I called them "banter solos" and he responded by saying he was creating a "loose vibe." His set was amazing, I put my friends in the spotlight for him to tease for missing most of his set...that went on for about 10 minutes. I know they were grateful for the attention, despite them telling me to fuck off quite a few times. Hey, at least he wasn't shitty at teasing, like Ian Graham.

Overall, excellent show and I had an excellent time seeing it with excellent friends. Awesome. I do recommend.

Oh, and Mikey Erg got arrested for being drunk in public after the show...details here.


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