Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Living With Lions - Honesty, Honestly

Living Lions functions like a modern Bouncing Souls, pumping out anthems like it nobody's business. Other than that, there's not much else you could do to compare their sound to Bouncing Souls. They're a punk band from Vancouver than sounds closer to a lot of easycore bands when it comes to the instrumentals, and more like orgcore punk bands when it comes to vocals. They recently released the Honesty, Honestly 7", which is just two neat little songs to get into while we await their impending full length release in May.

The title track starts it off with an almost Lemuria feel in the instrumentals, which goes into more of a pop punk feel once the gruff vocals come in. "You're going down, down, down, down, down. I'll see you when you're down where I am now." You'll know what I mean by anthems when you hear this song...and when you hear the next song. You can picture about 50 kids all leaning to reach the microphone from the crowd, with their fists (or middle fingers) in the air, shouting the chorus so loud you'd think it was some sort of magic spell that would allow them to switch bodies with the singer. Maybe it will, if you have the right wand. (I had to add this parenthetic part because I realized that it may sound like I was making a penis joke there. I wasn't. You're gross.)

I like the second song, "When We Were Young," a hell of a lot more than the first one (which says a lot). It sounds bigger overall, and the clean guitar kills it throughout, man. It's just perfect. Didn't these guys just tour with Wonder Years? I missed their set...damnit. We got there and waited in line for ages, and by time we got in, Mixtapes were done playing. So we left until Fireworks was ready to play...we didn't mean to miss anything good, but apparently we did. That blows. I definitely want to see these guys live after hearing this song. "Face of an angel, shot down in the streets. Covered up feelings behind these punk rock beats!"


You can find the title track on their facebook, or over at the Adeline Records site. I can't really figure out where else you'd go to hear these songs.

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