Friday, April 1, 2011

Two updates! Involving the Dopamines, Screeching Weasel, and The Flaming Tsunamis..

First off, the bad news. The Flaming Tsunamis release for their new album has been held off, because (as most of you know) their great friend and fellow musician Mitchell Dubey was shot on March 24th.  For obvious reaosons, they're waiting until their lives and emotions are sorted out to properly make an album and play shows. Idle and the Bear sends out our love and regards to all of family and friends of Mitchell.
However, the good news, is the album is on pre-order. Here, you can read all about it and pre-order it. For only fifteen dollars, you can get the vinyl, CD, lyrics and explanations, etc. If you're one of the first 100, you get a white vinyl. If you're in the first 50, you get a limited edition button and possibly a ticket to a show. I'm pretty sure I was the first, guys ;)
Go order it!!

Also, Ben Weasel recently took his anger out on some ladies, and in result, all the members have quit. However, our beloved Dopamines, who are friends of Brock Lesnar.... I mean Ben Weasel, have offered to join him. Idle and the Bear sends out our love and regards to all family and friends of the Dopamines.
I wonder if Michael knows?

No, in all seriousness, even though we aren't fans of Ben Weasel, if they honestly believe it's the best decision for their career, kudos to the boys.

NOTE: April fools day, mother fuckers. Look at Punk News for more funny "news posts"

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