Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mansions- Dig Up the Dead

Mansions is a one-man indie band made up of Christopher Browder. This is his third (I think) album and I adore him. You'd like Mansions if you like Weatherbox, John Nolan, Brand New, Very Okay, or Matt Nathanson.
Mansions is mostly guitar and vocals, with a little bit of drums, piano and effects here and there. Christopher writes fairly long songs, but they're all really good.
"Dig Up The Dead" is the first song and I ADORE it. He has a great voice, and the guitar is really soothing. I love how the strong intro makes such a sharp transition into the softness of the rest of the song. One of the things I noticed right off the bat is the lyrics- so great. "Well I have never been free, but I have always been cheap. I have never been free." Awesome, yeah? The harmonies are great, the occasional percussion makes a nice highlight, and he does a great job of building up when he needs to and being quiet when he needs to, so it makes a really great effect. Even though his songs are longer, you really get carried through the music quite well.
"Blackest Sky" might very well be my favorite. It's extremely addictive, and very sweet. The lyrics absolutely took my breath away, the vocals are fantastic, and the guitar has this feel-good tone to contrast to all of it. The outro is also super intense!
"Not My Blood" is wonderful. The lyrics (as per the usual) are really moving, and the music is awesome. It's so hard to believe that this is only one person making the music, because it's really intricate and beautiful. It's melancholy, but not sad. I don't know how the hell he accomplished that, but he did and I love it. The drums are really interesting, because his rhythm is slightly eccentric in this song.
"City Don't Care" has a really powerful, carrying instrumental line pairing up with Christopher's soft voice. His voice flows really well, like a river or vomit or something. Well, not really like vomit because vomit is a bad thing... OH whatever. The vocal lines in this song are so good. Play this music for your girlfriend. She will love it. I don't care if she's Barbie or She-man... She will love it. It's just slampiece music.
"Call Me When It's Over" is extremely, extremely sad. It's beautiful, but it's so sad. Not just the words- the music just has a sad tone. I like it a lot.
"Wormhole" is sad too, but in a different way. The music also picks up a bit, and has a different sound to it. 
"Close the Door" and "Seven Years" are two really great guitar-wise songs, both wonderful. "Seven Years" has some female vocals in it, but I don't know who it is.
"You Got Cool" has a little bit of a different sound than the majority of the album, but I like it a lot. Acoustic fits him well!
"Yer Voice" is a great way to finish off the album... It sounds wonderful. It's pretty, it's powerful, and it's catchy. What else could you ask for?

Mansions is wonderful. End of story. buy it.

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