Friday, April 22, 2011

Candy Hearts - Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams

This is another one of those times where I review something that isn't necessarily new, but it's not my fault that it hasn't been brought to my attention until now. What brought this album to my attention is the fact that Candy Heart's singer and guitarist Mariel Loveland recently did an essay for I Live Sweat regarding sexism in the punk scene. It was the second part of a series regarding the topic, the first part being the recent article by Lauren Denitzio of The Measure [SA]. Her article, which was awesome, caused a bunch of controversy among idiots...but that's bound to happen when something gets posted on Punknews. Well, basically, Mariel's article was also awesome, and it led me to checking out her band, Candy Hearts. And this is how we got to where we are right now, people.

Candy Heart is a pop punk infused indie group from somewhere north east of us in the New York City area. They play a brand of music which can most easily be compared to awesomeness, or you could compare it to bands like Rvivr, The Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World, and Laura Stevenson and the Cans. This album has a few things qualifying it for being one of the best releases of 2010:

  • The songs are amazing, from start to finish.
  • It reminds me of 90s emo/alternative, but with more flavor.
  • It's up for free download on their bandcamp.
Honestly, you can start this album at any song and be immediately engulfed in the sheer greatness of it all. There's a lot of treble in the guitar tone, the bass is actually audible, the drumwork is superb, the vocals fit the music and its vibe perfectly, and everything is mixed wonderfully. The lyrics are also great, and one of the main reasons these songs will stick with you all day. What's also great is, they have a new split 7" with Sister Kisser coming out after this review, you won't have to wait long until you get to read another review regarding this band. 

The songs are neat when necessary, and sloppy when it's absolutely needed. I usually do like a list of songs I like the most, but I'm afraid that would be too difficult when it comes to this one. I honestly love every song on this record, and I'm extremely confused as to how it went undetected on my radar for such a long time. I usually have some overly-excited indie or pop punk dork messaging me about some new release by some band they're musically crushing on, but somehow that never happened here. I guess I'm the one who has to assume the duty of embarrassing myself by fawning over this album to friends whose respect for me has already been waning for an incredible amount of time. But fuck it, it's a great record. I was on a Descendents/Ergs kick all day, then turned this on and fell in love with it. I think it just meshed well.

So yeah, listen to every song on this least fifty times...tonight. Then do whatever you want, I'm not going to boss you around...too much. OH YEAH, IT'S ON BANDCAMP.


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