Saturday, April 16, 2011

Up & Atom- Demo 2011

Wonderful! Up & Atom is a pop punk slash easy core band from Melbourne! They're awesome. Emily sings, Marcus and Matt play guitar, Mitch plays bass, and Michael plays drums. Something sets Emily apart from the rest of the members... Her name doesn't start with an M.... Oh yeah, and she's a chick. Up & Atom is really good.
"Not Penny's Boat" is awesome. The music is really, really catchy and Emily has an ADORABLE voice. They have great lyrics, and Matt also has a great voice. The music is really cute and I love it. Adorable pop punk is the best.
"B.D. Wong" is also really cute. Emily's voice is so pretty and the music is really, really catchy. I like the group vocals a lot. The guitar melodies are always really addictive with Up and Atom. 
"Huntingdale (Seedy Old Man)" showcases the drums a little more than previously, and Emily's voice is a little louder which I like. Oh, and our first 'oh-oh-oh!" Always a beautiful moment.
Lastly, "Four Goals to Remember" is the best track! I love it! The pace picks up a bit, it's cute and fun and has a great guitar line. and the "aww fuck!" at the end makes me giggle every time.

You really have to listen to Up & Atom, it's pop punk at it's best with talented vocals, catchy music, and amusing lyrics. I love this demo SO much and I can't wait to hear more from this band! On their facebook, there's a link to a free download of this EP and you need to get it.


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