Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teenage Bottlerocket - Mutilate Me 7"

Well, well, well, the pop punk icons of the 21st century of released a new 7" on time for Record Store Day. What does this mean for you, you might ask? It means awesome.

Teenage Bottlerocket are a ramonescore pop punk band who hail from bumfuck nowhere (see: Wyoming. (see: Lillingtons-land)). They're basically The Lillingtons under a new name and some lineup changes, because they play the same style, just slightly better. Except nothing will ever beat the song "War of the Worlds". Ever. This 7" means two brand new Teenage Bottlerocket jams, and one Bad Religion cover of a song that sounds just like every other Bad Religion song, but done better because it's done by gods of the pop punk genre. Suck it, Greg.

The first new song is the namesake for the album, "Mutilate Me". It's basically what you expect from Teenage Bottlerocket, which is catchy vocals, obvious pop punk counter melodies, beautifully simple guitar leads, woah-oh-ohs, and lyrics we all love to sing along to. "I want you to dominate me, (I want you to) violate me, (I want you to) then for what it's worth, (I want you to) pretend you hate me!"

Then after this there's another song that reminds me of their other hit "In The Basement". There's another song by them that sounds really similar, but I forget what it's called. I mean, more similar than usual. Either way, this song is called "Punk House of Horrors" and seems to be about a punk rock haunted house, which I think might be a real place they're talking about but I'm not really sure. This song is really just more of what you'd expect, but still more to love. Teenage Bottlerocket have an established style that they do not really stray from, and whether or not that's okay with you, it's okay with them. And it's okay with me, and that's what me.

I don't really like Bad Religion, and I don't really care for the cover. It's hard to make BR interesting for me, TB. It's not your fault, sorry. The rest of this 7" is really awesome and it's a nice little release for Record Store Day, and makes me really anxious for a new full length from these Wyoming heroes. So don't keep us waiting, dudes.

You can get this 7" from those fat wreckers.



  1. Sorry...but there is one major faux pas...and I think your 'basically the Lillingtons' blurb needs to be re-visited. Props to the Lillingtons, but TBR is not 'basically the Lillingtons'

  2. Half of the Lillingtons songs are right along the same lines as the TB style. Lillingtons just aren't as tied into the strictly pop punk genre as TB is...but honestly, even TB plays Lillingtons songs live still. It's hard to not claim them being very much the same. It's like Choking Victim - Leftover Crack. Catch 22 - Streetlight. Reel Big Fish - Forces of Evil. Mr. T Experience - Dr. Frank. I don't know, fill in your own examples.

  3. They play a couple of Lillngtons songs live, because they (the Lillingtons) will never take stage as they once were. Its a good booster for the show and for the long time fans, but saying that TBR and the Lillingtons are one and the same is just wrong. It's a completely different lineup, with only Kody as the last member left doing anything in the pop punk scene. Great review tho, even better record!

  4. I know they're not one in the same. It was more of a joke to say they were 'pretty much the same band' or however I phrased it. I just meant they share members and have a very similar style at times. Thanks dude! Yeah, the 7" rules. I can't wait for another full length. I know all of their songs by heart...guitar and singing ha.