Monday, April 4, 2011

Tightrope- Tightrope

Tightrope is a hardcore band from Montreal that started in October of 2009. They really sound like The Sainte Catherines (what a coincidence) and I have a friend that thinks they sound like Leathermouth.. But they don't, so ignore them. I can kind of see a connection between Tightrope and Hot Water Music, though... Anyway, they're like slightly bro (they have the sound without the mentality... thank god.) melodic hardcore. They had a demo in April of last year, and then this EP was released in May.
First off, album art, man. I'm always looking for great album art. That's hilarious.
Anyway, music.
I really, really like Tightrope. They have strong instrumentals and wonderful vocals.
The vocals sound a lot like what the child of Hugo Mudie and Ryan Young's first son would sound like. This album has strong lyrics and they're just sung so well. I have a thing for gruff voices, you know? 
The band get you hooked with driving, strong drums and creative guitar lines.
"Motherfuckers Inc." is the last track and I think my favorite. It's addictive as hell, and really empowering... Probably has the best lyrics, oh and the guitar is fabulous. By the way, did you guys know that Google Chrome considers "motherfucker" a real word? Win. Google just got a little more respectable in my eyes.
The opening track, "No Sleep" is also great. I really love Tightrope's style. Even though it's a fairly common style, it has something different to it and I enjoy it.
Also, I can almost hear a bit of Dear Landlord in them- if you added a lot more core and a lot less pop to their punk, it'd sound like Tightrope at the verses.
"Breakthrough" is one of the most powerful songs, and "Gramophone" rocks, too.

Overall, I really liked this EP and I love the band.
This is their bandcamp and you should go there and buy the EP for 3 dollars.
Guys, Montreal has the best punk, I swear to goodness.

PS UPDATE: I know we've been sparse lately. Idle is in the process of moving closer to me, and is very busy with his musical career most of the time. Considering my music career consists of late night bedroom recordings of pop punk and a ska band that only plays "Mambo No 5," my excuse isn't as cool. I'm back to school and busier than a bee. We'll be around more, promise... 

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