Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Plurals- A Futurospective

Tommy Plural, Nich Plural, and Hattie Plural are three wonderful musicians that make up the Plurals... they're wonderful. They play a genre I like to call funpunx. You probably call it something else and I probably don't care. They have a really interesting sound, and I love it. They're from Lansing, MI but they're currently touring so you should really go see them. I have a feeling they're really fun live. This album is gonna be released a month from today! You'll like them if you like the Pixies, Beat Happening, or Sonic Youth.
I went the unprofessional route and just webcammed a picture of it. With cameroid, none the less. Which sounds like hemorrhoids. Sorry, that's not something I should say on here.

ANYWAY, the music.
"La La La" is the title track, and it's awesome. It sounds like a lot of late80s, early90s garage stuff to me. It's really short, but it's good. The vocals are edgy, but still enjoyable, and the guitar line is very catchy. There really aren't any major Hattie vocals in it, but that's okay cause I still love it!
"Life's A Mess" has some great guitar/bass lines, and "Crush" is awesome. It has this great sound, with all this variability and experimentation in it. The lyrics and vocals are awesome, and the music is awesome. It makes me really happy.
"Alma Mater" is extremely short, but it rocks my socks off. "Just enough is all you are!!" Also, the sound is so completely off the wall, I don't even know. It's probably the most ORIGINAL sound we've reviewed on here without it sucking.
"Run" is very 90s-esque and awesomelike. It's fast, it's wonderful.
"Free Burd" has this adorable riff. I don't know what it is, but that guitar just kills me heart wise at the beginning. The lyrics, as usual, are awesome. And the bridge is just so strange, I love it.
"Squagel" is really, really cute. What the fuck is a squagel?
"Brain" really shows off Hattie, and it sounds great. It's probably my favorite song.
Lastly, "Happy Songs" is longer than hell, which is strange for them, and you'll love it.

Overall: The Plurals have this really great sound that's influenced by punk, pop, grunge, indie, garage metal, and so much more. It's just got this really diverse sound that changes every 30 seconds. It has talented vocals that change back and forth between soft melodies and yelling. The guitar is constantly pivoting from poppy powerchords to nice little progressions with light sounds. The bass occasionally comes out with these really abstract parts that I love. And the drums just hold everything together perfectly. The Plurals do everything well, but above anything else, they do a great job of taking a bunch of my favorite traditional sounds and blending them together into this ridiculously strange sound all of their own. Five stars. Buy it when it comes out.

On another note, Sierra from Raptor's Delight sent this album along with temporary tattoos because she's wonderful.... And I wouldn't let Idle have any. I was having too much fun.
I'm a big child.

Anyway, yeah. Go see the Plurals.

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