Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Laura Stevenson & The Cans- Sit Resist

Most of you know Laura Stevenson as the keyboardist for Bomb the Music Industry!, however, she also has a project called Laura Stevenson & the Cans. It's kind of a collective, like BTMI, that has a lot of members that sometimes play/tour, and sometimes don't. It's folk punk that is sometimes pop punk and sometimes something completely different. I absolutely adore Laura- she's SO talented at everything she does. I imagine the woman even vomits beautifully. I was a bit skeptical about this album at first- I mean, I KNEW I would love it... But could it compare to Holy Ghost, or A Record? It can.
"Halloween Pts 1 & 2" has been previously recorded, but this is a different version. This version is a little more intense, and I actually like it a lot better. The guitar line is really, really soothing and Laura's voice is just so fabulous. The track also features a bit of drums, accordion, and other various instruments that really add nice accents to it. It's so catchy, and it's really cute. Mostly an instrumental track, but still (as always) showcases Laura's voice. Beautiful.
"Master of Art" has a different sound with a light bubbly tone and super, super cute lyrics. This song is officially going on just about every single mix tape I make. I move my shoulders to the drum/tambourine every time! I love dancing to this song. It has such a great feel to it. I'm so jealous of Laura, you guys don't even know. She's so talented, and so are the musicians that work with her.
"Caretaker" is also fantastic. The guitar has a poppy, bluesy, 60s feel to it, if that made any sense at all. All of the instruments tie together perfectly for their signature soothing sound and then Laura's voice just ties it all together. Laura Stevenson and the Cans always make such sweet, calming music. I just want to listen to this music constantly.
I FUCKING LOVE "THE HEALTHY ONE" SO MUCH. It's more upbeat, and still just as cutesy. I can't get enough of this song. It's just so good. It's like polka-folk-crazy-unicornblood music.
"Finish Piece" is a piano ballad and it's beautiful. The piano goes back and forth between a forte, major sound and this quiet little breezy segment in between the big parts. It's very short, but full of kickass. It has a melancholy feel to it, but she can just never make me sad. It's too pretty.
"Peachy" picks back up again with the folk guitar in the intro, and then slowly adds on a little more to a full sound. It's a really cute song. I love listening to Laura's range, and the jam-band feel that her music always has. It's a perfect mix of intricacy and simplicity. It goes back and forth between big/bold to almost completely a capella. 
"8:08" is one of my very favorites. The musicianship is just above and beyond.
"Red Clay Roots" has a very, very old feel to it. The harmonies are fucking wonderful. It's a capella and very short and makes me think of my grandma's house.
"Barnacles" should be the credits track to a black and white movie. It's got a very cute, smooth melody and Laura really pushes her vocals in it.
"Montauk Monster" is definitely rooted in bluegrass... I love it. It's so, so great. It's just incredibly catchy and cutesy and.. I just can't shut up about Laura's voice. It's so fucking amazing.
"The Wait" is really sweet. It starts off in her usual slow acoustic pattern, but then it switches into a Haunted Continents-esque thing.I love it when musicians mix so many instruments together like this, it just sounds wonderful. The horns are always so great on The Cans' albums, and they never fail to get stuck in my head.
"The Weight" is just... gorgeous. End of story.
Lastly, "I See Dark" is really, really great. It's mostly accordion. Just like the rest of the album, Laura sings awesomely, and the music is put together so great.

Sit Resist was a perfect album. It's sweet and talented and pretty. I adore it. You probably will too.
You can download it, and I strongly recommend that you do.


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