Thursday, April 21, 2011

Head Above Water- Community Record's new compilation

This is less of a review, and more of telling you guys about something really awesome that you may or may not already know about.
First off, Community Records is a great "collective" run by D-ray and Greg out of New Orleans, and they do lots of amazing things. I have never disliked anything they put out, seriously.
Right now, they're putting out a comp called HEAD ABOVE WATER, full of 36 songs about the oil spill and other social issues, pictures, and lots of writing about the spill and how it affected and still is affecting people. It's online for FREE, but there is an option to donate to the Gulf Restoration Network and I really, really recommend doing that, guys. Even one dollar helps a lot, and lots of people don't realize how BADLY that help is needed. But even if you can't afford to donate, it's still a GREAT comp and you've gotta hear it.

It has new tracks from bands like Mustard Plug, Stuck Lucky, Bomb the Music Industry, Pericles, A Billion Ernies, and a lot more. Along with that, there are a lot of other previously released songs on it too, by bands like The Flaming Tsunamis, Matt Wixson, Screaming Females, Lenin/McCarthy, the Taxpayers, and so many more AMAZING bands.
Tell your friends about it. Download it. Look at the pictures, read what the guys wrote. Really think about it.
And if you can afford donating anything, please do.
FacebookActual Download LinkGulf Restoration Network website.

Thank you so much guys,
It really means a lot to Idle and I that Greg and D-Ray are doing this.

(Idle brought it to my attention that I talked about the Community Records comp a few hours after he already did... I refuse to delete mine!!! -Bear)

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