Thursday, April 7, 2011

Interview with Matt Salkeld of Black Sails, Western Shores

Black Sails, Western shores is a great band from Bakersfield, California that I reviewed back when Idle and the Bear was first starting, and through that, I ended up becoming friends with Matt Salkeld. He's awesome!

Tell us how Black Sails, Western Shores started... There has to be a story. 

There is always a story. Myself, Wes and Brett were all in local bands here in Bakersfield. I heard the band they were in, and really liked it. So I threw them on a couple of shows with my old band. That's how we met and became friends. After both of our bands broke up, we started talking about forming a band together. After a year of practicing/writing/recording, while getting tight with each other on a musical level we had about 9 songs. We were trying to figure out what direction this band would go in as to musical style. We were going for more of a slowed down rock/punk feel and things weren't going the direction we wanted. That's when one day I was checking our myspace page, and we got a message from a local band called "Black Sails, Western Shores" Turned out BSWS was just one guy, Stephen Castro. He made a few songs on garage band with him singing, playing all the instruments, and some midi drums from garage band. He mentioned he really liked our music. Then I listened to his songs and immediately knew that I wanted to him to start playing with us. He was playing the stuff we wanted to write, but it just wasn't coming out at the time. All of us were into what he was doing and came to the agreement of meeting Stephen, seeing if he was a decent guy, and eventually setting up a practice with him. So we met, played, practiced and wrote. The rest is history.......

What kind of music were you guys making in the previous band- was it punk, or totally different? How long have you personally been into punk music?

With Brett, Wes and I, It was definitely punk, just a little heavier and faster. I did the majority of the writing too. 
Similar to: No Trigger, Smoke Or Fire, Good Riddance, Rise Against. 

I heard my 1st punk record when I was 10 or so. It was Propagandhi's "How to Clean Everything"  Who are to this day, my favorite band of all time. That record got me into independent punk music.

Propagandi rocks. Did you come from a musical family? What about the other members?

Actually none of us came from a musical background. We are all self taught. Just happened to all like the same bands growing up.

If you could fight any band, living or dead, who would it be?

1st off, great question!
I would have to say early Aerosmith, because I know they would be very weak from all the drug use and we could steal all there drugs and gear!

Great answer... So what is BSWS doing right now- are you recording, touring, or just relaxing/playing in Bakersfield?

We are about to start recording for a new full length,a cover song for a upcoming tribute album, and a couple split 7". More info on all that soon. In the meantime we are gearing up for Way Out West Fest in AZ! April 8th-11th! Party time

Ooh, who are the splits with? :) When do you think the full length will be done?

One split is with The Anchor. The other is a 3 way split with Gunners Daughter and Captain Were Sinking. The full length should be done and released by the end of the year.

Sounds great! One last question- if you guys could have any great musician join your group, who would it be, and what would they play?

Max Buchard (I think that's how you spell his last name?) He is the former bassist for Bigwig on their record "A Invitation To Tragedy" and the drummer for Near Miss on both of there records. He is a insanely good musician/singer/songwriter. I'd have him play everything! Haha!

Black Sails, Western Shores Facebook learn about them, give them money, rock out to them. They make people happy. :)

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