Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Underground Railroad to Candyland - Know Your Sins

Weird band name aside, this is a weird band in general. The Underground Railroad to Candyland (URC) are this pop punk type band from California featuring members from F.Y.P. and Toys That Kill. I guess that makes them somewhat akin to a supergroup or something of the like. So let's go with that. Basically, URC is this pop punk supergroup. I mean, they're pop punk and all, sometimes. They're one of the bands that you'll have trouble with stapling to a specific genre. They're definitely punk, and that's what matters in classifying I suppose.

Okay, to start this fucking review off, you can satisfy yourself with this band pretty quickly. Here's a quicklist of songs that should rock your socks and impregnate your mom.

  • That I Dunno
  • And You Think You Can Tame Me?!
  • We Aren't The World (Lalalalalalalalala)
  • Bitter
  • The Wicked Shakes
Other than that, the album spends a whole lot of time being kind of mediocre and forgettable. But hey, don't we all do that everyday? 

They basically sound like some anti-folk type shit, blended with 70s punk and maybe some autistic savants writing some music throughout. It's intentionally lo-fi throughout, because it sounds like the equipment is good, but the production made it sound kind of like something that came out forever ago. Honestly, you can be content with just listening to the first track and pretending the rest doesn't exist. It's better that way. 

You can pick this up over at Recess Records in a bunch of different styles and whatnot. That's pretty cool too. It's a decent album, but it's not going to make anyone's top list this year.


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