Saturday, April 16, 2011

Channel 4's Finest- Bear City

There isn't a picture for this one, but Channel 4's Finest is hardcore from Pittsburgh... And I wouldn't recommended them at all.

They aren't particularly BAD... they just really aren't anywhere near good either. I got really hopeful when I saw the into title was 'Holographic Charizard" because I'm a total pokemon geek, but then I was sorely disappointed with 40-some seconds of the same breakdown over and over again with a few OHHs.
"Little Mr. Pennsylvania 1996" is your stereotypical hardcore music.. It's really just boring. It sounds like every other 19 yr old boy with skinny jeans and a flat-bill hat. "Ca$hflow Corey Strikes Again" sounds like something that came out of the Dark Ages in 2008.... You guys know what I'm talking about. "This Shouldn't Be Legal" just confuses me. It's like July meets Breathe Carolina...

I don't even have that much to say about it. I just hate it.
you can try it out if you'd like. Shame, because the name BEAR CITY excited me more than anything. I didn't know there was a city for bears, but if this is anything like said city, I don't want to go there.



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  2. just because theyre not insanely original doesnt mean they arent good musicians. theyre playing whats popular and thats fine, their music is still jammable.

  3. dude fuck you Bear City is awesome and Sounds like Megan Fox is the shit. Its definitely the best popcore song to come out of Pittsburgh.

  4. youre right you are a dork because only a dork would have written this review. Senses Fail told them themselves that they liked them and I think they know a lot more about the music industry than you do douchebag


  5. Since when has striving to be mediocre and banal considered fine? Also, nothing good has ever come out of Pittsburgh...this is law.


  6. Pittsburgh Steelers and the Andy Warhol museum are pretty rad...

  7. It's funny when you see people who have no talent at something at all criticise people who actually know how to do it. Personally, I would love to see you try and play in a band and write origional songs. But no, you just sit around and talk shit on stuff you don't even know about. Also, you're not even from Pittsburgh so you have no prior knowlege of these guys. So next time you try and talk shit about good dudes who work hard, think about what you're talking about and just don't blow hot air out of your ass. Kthx

  8. This is getting a bit ridiculous, guys...
    First off, I am fully entitled to my opinion. Just like you're allowed to think that they're the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD, I'm allowed to think that they suck. This is MY opinion on MY website. I'm allowed to say what I want on it.
    Second, I'm helping the band just by posting this. Hundreds of people look at this review a day. I clearly stated that others might enjoy it, and I posted a link to the band so that readers could check them out for themselves. Out of those hundreds of people who read this page, quite a few of them decide to click that link. I'm sure quite a few of THOSE people decided they liked Channel 4's Finest.
    Next, I said I didn't like them because I RESPECT them. If I didn't see these boys as EQUALS, I would lie my ass off and say that they were awesome. However, because I think that they can handle criticism and aren't total idiots like you are, I said what I thought. I have actually talked to a member of the band after posting this, and he said that he understood my position and we have no qualms between us. Frankly, the only thing that really matters to me at the end of the day is that I am not having issues with the BAND- and considering the fact that the band and I are not having issues, you can all shut the fuck up.
    Lastly, I assure you that my opinion on this band has absolutely no correlation to my intelligence or knowledge of music. Just because I don't like a band doesn't mean I'm a total music dumbass and 'know nothing about the music industry.' About that- I don't think music industry was the term you meant to use there. If I was bashing the music industry (which I do quite a bit) I wouldn't be posting about my opinions about a small-town band. Perhaps you meant music scene, or just music in general. However, I know quite a bit about all of the above, and assure you it was part of my decision-making process in writing this blog post.
    On that note, I also have quite a bit of knowledge about playing instruments.
    It is funny to see people who don't know how to play instruments bashing musicians. I'm sorry to tell you that this isn't the case. I've played a plethora of musical instruments from the time I was a small child until this very day. I know quite a bit about music theory, various instruments, and writing songs. I'm not really sure how that has anything to do with my opinion about Channel 4's Finest, but thank you anyway.

    I am on good terms with the band, and you are all being immature idiots. If you don't like what I write, don't read it. And until you have the balls to comment as something other than "Anonymous", don't bother wasting my time and your own. How about you all go out and do something productive, like run a blog and talk about your opinions, or perhaps play an instrument yourself?

    the bear.