Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dads - Brush Your Teeth ;)

Dads are a self-proclaimed twinkly emo band. I have to say, I have no idea what twinkly emo is...but if it's what Dads are, then it's not so bad. They're a two-piece that hails from the home of Catch 22 (we won't hold that against them), New Brunswick, New Jersey. The [Twinkly Emo] Dads have just released their second EP, titled "Brush Your Teeth ;)" Yeah, that's their wink face, not mine.

The tracks are titled as if they were Dillinger Four songs, but they're played in a style more similar to Shinobu or some Quicksand type band, but with less form and more anarchy (not in the punk way, or whatever). The first song, "Dan's Christopher Walken Impersonation" is hectic/lovely with the guitar. The hectic part is more with the timing, and the lovely part is that I love the tone. The drums do their job, but nobody ever gets super worked up over drums these days. The vocals are really great, seriously. They sound as honest as a speaking voice, and show the right amount of emotion. It's like Bukowski in song, not any of that emotionless Camus shit. (Things you say when you're reviewing an EP right after reading Hot Water Music all day).

What the back lacks in low end, they make up for by writing songs that I want to hear more than once, twice, twenty times. I honestly think I wouldn't be able to play any of this shit on guitar or drums while singing, so it's impressive as shit to me. There's a lot of tempo changing and a lot of time signature changing, and it all sounds very experimental from it, but it comes out on top and brilliant. The second track has a long name that has nothing to do with the song, and is what I was listening to while writing this paragraph. This sounds like some shoe gazer type shit, but I like it nonetheless. Hopefully they got batshit on stage, like Shinobu.

The last two songs are called "Pass Me the Ball" and "I Didn't Say Pass Me the Ball". It's funny or something. It's about this point in the EP where I realize that the songs aren't doing much to change between tracks, or not enough at least. The style has been exactly the same, and I guess that's up to them if they want to do that...but it's up to me to declare it boring over time. Well, at least the last song sounds different for the most part.

I mean it, the last song is really good. It has more power behind the instrumentals, and the vocalists sound as good as they have throughout. The emotional vocals are really driven hard in this track, and makes me really want to buy this cassette as soon as my broke ass can. Pretty sure the bear might be buying it or some shit. I don't know. Maybe YOU should buy it. Or you can listen/download it for free/suggested donation over at bandcamp. Do it yourself.


P.S. Angry reader from the last review I posted. DIY DIY DIY DIY DIY DIY DIY DIY DIY. And DIY. If you don't like a band then go listen to a band you like. DIY.


  1. i do have to say.. after reading this review i gave them a shot and they didn't dissapoint..

    sincerely, that dude you know on fb that thinks you should apply to be a male stripper. nohomo of course

  2. Ha word. I think it's hectic in all the right ways and definitely serves up a nice listening experience. Kind of like my stripping...which is only sexual in an aural way