Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too Many Daves- Dawn of the Daves

Too Many Daves is a punk band from Tampa. They all have "Dave" somewhere in their name, hence the band name. Cute, huh? They have a very basic sound from the roots and I fucking love it. Just last night I was bitching to Idle about today's music- it's good, but it's so hard to find PUNK. It's all pop punk, celtic punk, folk punk, whatever punk. But this album... This is punk. this is good. It's 6 songs from their EP coming out in September.

A theme in Too Many Daves' music is alcohol. In fact, it might be the central dogma of their music.
Songs like "I Drink Everywhere" prove this. It's a simple guitar line with an even simpler bass line and drums holding it all together. But hell, it's GOOD! There's something special about it, to be honest. The lyrics, as one might guess, describe all the places that one might drink if they drank everywhere. Screamed through a mic, they sound good. Better than they would sound at an AA Poetry Slam. 
The second song, "I Was Wasted," continues the theme. The lyrics, however, made me laugh so hard. Listen to them. The melody is addictive as hell and I bet it sounds great live.
"You're Fuckin Out I'm Fuckin In" is fast as hell and sexy in a strange Dee Dee sort of way. 
"Grab Me A Beer, Man" is very short and pointless. But it has a catchy (how many times can I say catchy in one post?) bass line and it sounds just like the rest of the Daves. Love it.
The last two tracks, "When Getting Awesome Goes Wrong" and "Sweet Home America" follow the same trend. "Sweet Home America" is the funniest damn thing I've heard all week.
It's very simple music, but it's in no way boring. It's got charisma to it.. so all I have to say is FUCK YEAH.

Listen to it and check them out. While you're at it, hey!


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  1. I love the Too Many Daves, they are so funny & fun to see live