Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Turnover - Turnover

Turnover is a band that sounds like it's a spawn of the bro-core genre, but with the bro part used very lightly. They sounds a lot like Handguns and Transit, which are two awesome bands which we've positively reviewed in the past, so there's nothing out of the ordinary here. It's just a solid record put out by talented musicians from Virginia Beach, and you can get it for free over at their bandcamp page, where you can also donate if you choose to do so.

The recording is of moderate quality, being kind of like really good lo-fi more than it is really bad hi-fi, I'd say. It sounds a little washy, but that's likely due to the fact that the instruments strive to create a sort of wall of sound. The lead guitar is strong throughout all of the songs, which is something really common with these bands. It's not as awesome as the lead parts are for Transit, but it's still composed pretty elegantly. The songs boast a definite emo feel, which is a good thing when it comes to me. Of course, when I say emo I mean like Rites of Spring, Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, and shit like that; I don't mean some of the things that probably come to mind for you. "Solitude" is probably my favorite song on here, and a great example of the emo influence.

The song "Time" comes on after that, and starts off with kind of a Lifetime feel, but then goes into the whole Handguns style for the majority of the song. There's similarities to Good Charlotte (I mean this in a good way if that's even possible) and to New Found Glory (I promise I mean it in a good way, despite me not being a huge fan of either). These songs definitely don't sooth the punk side in me, but they definitely do a lot to make me forget that I was just forced to listen to a Rise Against album enough to write a fair review on it. And I hate Rise Against now because of it. I almost got into them last night listening to them in my friend's car, until I heard the new Endgame album.

The last song, "Waiting", is the first one to force me to pay attention to the drum work, because it definitely presents the more technical side of the band at times. There's a lot these guys could do with their talent, and I really hope to see better things from this group in the future.

Overall this EP leaves a lot to be desired, while still being a solid effort for the young band. It's something I'd throw into a mix with a whole bunch of other bands, so that it doesn't get old so quickly, but listening to the EP straight through ends with me not wanting to hear it anymore for a while. It's good in small doses, but let's hope the next release is good in heavily repeated doses. Go ahead and check this one out at bandcamp and enjoy it! You should definitely get into the first track, it's awesome.



  1. Have you guys ever considered putting up a button so people can listen to a song from the bands you review? - Brody

  2. Bro Core? Are you fucking retarded? Stop reviewing music please.